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    • Effects of climate change and anthropogenic modification on a disturbance-dependent species in a large riverine system 

      Zeigler, Sara L.; Catlin, Daniel H.; Brown, Mary Bomberger; Fraser, James D.; Dinan, Lauren R.; Hunt, Kelsi L.; Jorgensen, Joel G.; Karpanty, Sarah M. (Ecological Society of America, 2017-01)
      Humans have altered nearly every natural disturbance regime on the planet through climate and land-use change, and in many instances, these processes may have interacting effects. For example, projected shifts in temperature ...
    • Smartphone Technologies and Bayesian Networks to Assess Shorebird Habitat Selection 

      Zeigler, Sara L.; Thieler, E. Robert; Gutierrez, Benjamin T.; Plant, Nathaniel G.; Hines, Megan; Fraser, James D.; Catlin, Daniel H.; Karpanty, Sarah M. (2017-12)
      Understanding patterns of habitat selection across a species' geographic distribution can be critical for adequately managing populations and planning for habitat loss and related threats. However, studies of habitat ...