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    • Electric Shock Injuries in a Harris's Hawk Population 

      Dwyer, James F. (Raptor Research Foundation, 2006)
      Electrocution may be an important agent of mortality in many raptor populations, and has been implicated as a contributing factor in the endangerment of some species. In Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. the electrocution of Harris's ...
    • Preventing Raptor Electrocutions in an Urban Environment 

      Dwyer, James F.; Mannan, R. William (Raptor Research Foundation, 2007)
      Electrocution of raptors on poles supporting overhead electric lines is a cause of concern in the United States. Techniques for modifying (i.e., retrofitting) potentially lethal poles to reduce electrocutions have been ...
    • Return Rates of Aluminum Versus Plastic Leg Bands from Electrocuted Harris's Hawks (Parabuteo Unicinctus) 

      Dwyer, James F.; Mannan, R. William (Raptor Research Foundation, 2009)
      Ecological research programs investigating dispersal, migration, habitat selection, social structure, survival, reproductive success, and population size depend on the ability to identify individual study animals on multiple ...