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    • Radial oscillations of encapsulated microbubbles in viscoelastic liquids 

      Khismatullin, D. B.; Nadim, A. (American Institute of Physics, 2002-10)
      The small-amplitude radial oscillations of a gas microbubble encapsulated by a viscoelastic solid shell and surrounded by a slightly compressible viscoelastic liquid are studied theoretically. The Kelvin-Voigt and 4-constant ...
    • Randomized Approach to Nonlinear Inversion Combining Simultaneous Random and Optimized Sources and Detectors 

      Sariaydin Aslan, S; de Sturler, E; Kilmer, ME
      In partial differential equations-based inverse problems with many measurements, we have to solve many large linear system for each evaluation of the objective function. In the nonlinear case, each evaluation of the Jacobian ...
    • Recycling BICG with an application to model reduction 

      Ahuja, K.; de Sturler, E.; Gugercin, Serkan; Chang, E. R. (Siam Publications, 2012)
      Science and engineering problems frequently require solving a sequence of dual linear systems. Besides having to store only a few Lanczos vectors, using the biconjugate gradient method (BiCG) to solve dual linear systems ...
    • Recycling Krylov subspaces for sequences of linear systems 

      Parks, M. L.; De Sturler, E.; Mackey, G.; Johnson, D. D.; Maiti, S. (Siam Publications, 2006)
      Many problems in science and engineering require the solution of a long sequence of slowly changing linear systems. We propose and analyze two methods that significantly reduce the total number of matrix-vector products ...
    • Resolvent integration techniques for generalized transport equations 

      Bowden, Robert L.; Greenberg, W.; Zweifel, P. F. (AIP Publishing, 1979-06)
      A generalized class of ’’transport type’’ equations is studied, including most of the known exactly solvable models; in particular, the transport operator K is a scalar type spectral operator. A spectral resolution for K ...
    • Resonances in a box 

      Hagedorn, George A.; Meller, Bernhard (AIP Publishing, 2000-01)
      We investigate a numerical method for studying resonances in quantum mechanics. We prove rigorously that this method yields accurate approximations to resonance energies and widths for shape resonances in the semiclassical ...
    • Riesz bases and positive operators on Hilbert space 

      Holub, James R. (Hindawi, 2003-01-01)
      It is shown that a normalized Riesz basis for a Hilbert space H (i.e., the isomorphic image of an orthonormal basis in H) induces in a natural way a new, but equivalent, inner product onH in which it is an orthonormal ...
    • Robust optimal switching control for nonlinear systems 

      Ball, Joseph A.; Chudoung, Jerawan A.; Day, Martin V. (Siam Publications, 2002-09)
      We formulate a robust optimal control problem for a general nonlinear system with finitely many admissible control settings and with costs assigned to switching of controls. e formulate the problem both in an L-2-gain/dissipative ...
    • Scalings for fragments produced from drop breakup in shear flow with inertia 

      Renardy, Y. Y.; Cristini, V. (American Institute of Physics, 2001-08)
      When a drop is sheared in a matrix liquid, the largest daughter drops are produced by elongative end pinching. The daughter drop size is found to scale with the critical drop size that would occur under the same flow ...
    • Scattering and inverse scattering in one-dimensional nonhomogeneous media 

      Aktosun, T.; Klaus, M.; Vandermee, C. (AIP Publishing, 1992-05)
      The wave propagation in a one-dimensional nonhomogeneous medium is considered, where the wave speed and the restoring force depend on location. In the frequency domain this is equivalent to the Schrodinger equation d2-psi/dx2 ...
    • Semiclassical wave-packet scattering in one and two dimensions 

      Rothstein, I. (AIP Publishing, 2004-11)
      We prove that under short range potentials a semiclassical wave packet's propagation is accurate for infinite times in the (h) over bar -->0 limit. (C) 2004 American Institute of Physics.
    • Short wave stability for inviscid shear flow 

      Renardy, M. (Siam Publications, 2008)
      We consider the linear stability of inviscid shear flows. While it is well known that discontinuous velocity profiles lead to short wave instabilities and ill-posedness, known examples of instability for smooth profiles ...
    • Simulating Within-Vector Generation of Malaria Parasite Diversity 

      Childs, Lauren M.; Prosper, Olivia F. (PLOS, 2017-05-22)
      Plasmodium falciparum, the most virulent human malaria parasite, undergoes asexual reproduction within the human host, but reproduces sexually within its vector host, the Anopheles mosquito. Consequently, the mosquito stage ...
    • A singular perturbation study of the Rolie-Poly model 

      Renardy, Yuriko; Renardy, Michael
    • Small-energy analysis for the self-adjoint matrix Schrodinger operator on the half line 

      Aktosun, Tuncay; Klaus, Martin; Weder, Ricardo (AIP Publishing, 2011-10)
      The matrix Schrodinger equation with a self-adjoint matrix potential is considered on the half line with the most general self-adjoint boundary condition at the origin. When the matrix potential is integrable and has a ...
    • Small-energy asymptotics of the scattering matrix for the matrix Schrodinger equation on the line 

      Aktosun, T.; Klaus, M.; van der Mee, C. (AIP Publishing, 2001-10)
      The one-dimensional matrix Schrodinger equation is considered when the matrix potential is self-adjoint with entries that are integrable and have finite first moments. The small-energy asymptotics of the scattering ...
    • Solution of multigroup transport equation in Lp spaces 

      Greenberg, W.; Sancaktar, S. (AIP Publishing, 1976-11)
      The isotropic multigroup transport equation is solved in L p , p_1, for both half range and full range problems, using resolvent integration techniques. The connection between these techniques and a spectral decomposition ...
    • Solutions and optimality criteria to box constrained nonconvex minimization problems 

      Gao, D. Y. (American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2007-05-01)
      The design of elastic structures to optimize strength and economy of materials is a fundamental problem in structural engineering and related areas of applied mathematics. In this article we explore a finite dimensional ...
    • Solving the Ginzburg-Landau equations by finite-element methods 

      Du, Q.; Gunzburger, M. D.; Peterson, J. S. (American Physical Society, 1992-10)
      We consider finite-element methods for the approximation of solutions of the Ginzburg-Landau equations of superconductivity. The methods are based on a discretization of the Euler-Lagrange equations resulting from the ...
    • Sound-ultrasound interaction in bubbly fluids: Theory and possible applications 

      Khismatullin, D. B.; Akhatov, I. S. (American Institute of Physics, 2001-12)
      The interaction between sound and ultrasound waves in a weakly compressible viscous liquid with gas bubbles is considered. Using the method of multiple scales one- and two-dimensional nonlinear interaction equations are ...