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    • Complete function spaces 

      McCoy, R. A. (Hindawi, 1983-01-01)
      A study is made of certain completeness properties of the space of allcontinuous real-valued functions on a space, where this function space has the compact-open topology.
    • Computational simulation of type-II superconductivity including pinning phenomena 

      Du, Q.; Gunzburger, M. D.; Peterson, J. S. (American Physical Society, 1995-06-15)
      A flexible tool, based on the finite-element method, for the computational simulation of vortex phenomena in type-II superconductors has been developed. These simulations use refined or newly developed phenomenological ...

      O'Connell, M; Kilmer, ME; de Sturler, E; Gugercin, S (Siam Publications, 2017-01-01)
    • conditional entropy in microcanonical ensemble 

      Dietz, D.; Greenberg, W. (AIP Publishing, 1975-08)
      The existence of the configurational microcanonical conditional entropy in classical statistical mechanics is proved in the thermodynamic limit for a class of long_range multiparticle observables. This result generalizes ...
    • continuity of the S-matrix for the perturbed Hill's equation 

      Clemence, D. P.; Klaus, M. (AIP Publishing, 1994-07)
      The behavior of the scattering matrix associated with the perturbed Hill's equation as the spectral parameter approaches an endpoint of a spectral band is studied. In particular, the continuity of the scattering matrix at ...
    • Convergence theorems for intermediate problems. II 

      Beattie, C. A.; Greenlee, W. M. (Cambridge University Press, 2002)
      Convergence theorems for the practical eigenvector free methods of Gay and Goerisch are obtained under a variety of hypotheses, so that our theorems apply to both traditional boundary-value problems and atomic problems. ...
    • Couette flow of a binary gas mixture 

      Valougeorgis, D. (AIP Publishing, 1988-03)
      The linearized binary model described by Hamel [Phys. Fluids 8, 418 (1964)] is used to obtain a set of kinetic equations and boundary conditions for the Couette flow problem. The derived set of two coupled integrodifferential ...
    • Coupling constant behavior of eigenvalues of Zakharov-Shabat systems 

      Klaus, Martin; Mityagin, Boris (AIP Publishing, 2007-12)
      We consider the eigenvalues of the non-self-adjoint Zakharov-Shabat systems as the coupling constant of the potential is varied. In particular, we are interested in eigenvalue collisions and eigenvalue trajectories in the ...
    • coupling constant thresholds of perturbed periodic Hamiltonians 

      Fassari, S.; Klaus, M. (AIP Publishing, 1998-09)
      We consider Schrodinger operators of the form H-lambda= -Delta + V + lambda W on L-2(R-v) (v=1, 2, or 3) with V periodic, W short range, and lambda a real non-negative parameter. Then the continuous spectrum of H-lambda ...
    • Damping optimization of parameter dependent mechanical systems by rational interpolation 

      Tomljanović, Z; Beattie, C; Gugercin, S
      We consider an optimization problem related to semi-active damping of vibrating systems. The main problem is to determine the best damping matrix able to minimize influence of the input on the output of the system. We use ...
    • Data-Driven Filtered Reduced Order Modeling Of Fluid Flows 

      Xie, X; Mohebujjaman, M; Rebholz, LG; Iliescu, T
      We propose a data-driven filtered reduced order model (DDF-ROM) framework for the numerical simulation of fluid flows. The novel DDF-ROM framework consists of two steps: (i) In the first step, we use explicit ROM spatial ...
    • Data-driven structured realization 

      Schulze, P; Unger, B; Beattie, C; Gugercin, S (Elsevier Science Inc, 2018-01-15)
    • Deformation of a hydrophobic ferrofluid droplet suspended in a viscous medium under uniform magnetic fields 

      Afkhami, S.; Tyler, A. J.; Renardy, Y.; Renardy, M.; St Pierre, T. G.; Woodward, R. C.; Riffle, Judy S. (Cambridge University Press, 2010-11)
      The effect of applied magnetic fields on the deformation of a biocompatible hydrophobic ferrofluid drop suspended in a viscous medium is investigated numerically and compared with experimental data. A numerical formulation ...
    • A Degree Theory for Compact Perturbations of Monotone Type Operators and Application to Nonlinear Parabolic Problem 

      Asfaw, Teffera M. (Hindawi, 2017-09-12)
      Let 𝑋 be a real locally uniformly convex reflexive Banach space with locally uniformly convex dual space 𝑋∗. Let 𝑇 : 𝑋 ⊇ 𝐷(𝑇) → 2𝑋∗ be maximal monotone, 𝑆:𝑋→2𝑋∗ be bounded and of type (𝑆₊), and 𝐶 : 𝐷(𝐶) → 𝑋∗ ...
    • Disrupting Mosquito Reproduction and Parasite Development for Malaria Control 

      Childs, Lauren M.; Cai, Francisco Y.; Kakani, Evdoxia G.; Mitchell, Sara N.; Paton, Doug; Gabrieli, Paolo; Buckee, Caroline O.; Catteruccia, Flaminia (PLOS, 2016-12-15)
      The control of mosquito populations with insecticide treated bed nets and indoor residual sprays remains the cornerstone of malaria reduction and elimination programs. In light of widespread insecticide resistance in ...
    • Draw resonance revisited 

      Renardy, M. (Siam Publications, 2006)
      We consider the problem of isothermal fiber spinning in a Newtonian fluid with no inertia. In particular, we focus on the effect of the downstream boundary condition. For prescribed velocity, it is well known that an ...
    • Dynamics of self-driven microcantilevers 

      Passian, Ali; Muralidharan, Govindarajan; Kouchekian, Sherwin; Mehta, A.; Cherian, Suman; Ferrell, Thomas L.; Thundat, Thomas (American Institute of Physics, 2002-04-01)
      The small amplitude thermal vibrations of the microcantilever of an atomic force microscope can be enhanced via a delayed feedback system. This is verified experimentally for a triangular cantilever, and modeled theoretically ...
    • The Dynamics of T-Cell Receptor Repertoire Diversity Following Thymus Transplantation for DiGeorge Anomaly 

      Ciupe, Mihaela Stanca; Devlin, Blythe H.; Markert, Mary L.; Kepler, Thomas B. (PLOS, 2009-06-01)
    • Editorial: Integrative Computational Systems Biology Approaches in Immunology and Medicine 

      Kaderali, Lars; Theis, Fabian; Ganusov, Vitaly V.; Ciupe, Stanca M.; Mehr, Ramit; Ribeiro, Ruy M.; Hernandez-Vargas, Esteban A. (Frontiers, 2019-01-23)
    • Effect of inertia on drop breakup under shear 

      Renardy, Y. Y.; Cristini, V. (American Institute of Physics, 2001-01)
      A spherical drop, placed in a second liquid of the same density and viscosity, is subjected to shear between parallel walls. The subsequent flow is investigated numerically with a volume-of-fluid continuous-surface-force ...