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    • Recycling BICG with an application to model reduction 

      Ahuja, K.; de Sturler, E.; Gugercin, S.; Chang, E. R. (Siam Publications, 2012)
      Science and engineering problems frequently require solving a sequence of dual linear systems. Besides having to store only a few Lanczos vectors, using the biconjugate gradient method (BiCG) to solve dual linear systems ...
    • Recycling Krylov subspaces for sequences of linear systems 

      Parks, M. L.; De Sturler, E.; Mackey, G.; Johnson, D. D.; Maiti, S. (Siam Publications, 2006)
      Many problems in science and engineering require the solution of a long sequence of slowly changing linear systems. We propose and analyze two methods that significantly reduce the total number of matrix-vector products ...