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    • Canonical dual approach to solving 0-1 quadratic programming problems 

      Fang, S. C.; Gao, D. Y.; Sheu, R. L.; Wu, S. Y. (American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2008-02)
      This paper presents a canonical duality theory for solving nonconvex polynomial programming problems subjected to box constraints. It is proved that under certain conditions, the constrained nonconvex problems can be ...
    • Global extremal conditions for multi-integer quadratic programming 

      Wang, Z. B.; Fang, S. C.; Gao, D. Y.; Xing, W. X. (American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2008-05)
      Support vector machine (SVM) is a very popular method for binary data classification in data mining ( machine learning). Since the objective function of the unconstrained SVM model is a non-smooth function, a lot of good ...