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    • A regularized Gauss-Newton trust region approach to imaging in diffuse optical tomography 

      de Sturler, E.; Kilmer, M. E. (Siam Publications, 2011)
      We present a new algorithm for the solution of nonlinear least squares problems arising from parameterized imaging problems with diffuse optical tomographic data [D. Boas et al., IEEE Signal Process. Mag., 18 (2001), pp. ...
    • Interpolatory projection methods for parameterized model reduction 

      Baur, U.; Beattie, C.; Benner, P.; Gugercin, Serkan (Siam Publications, 2011)
      We provide a unifying projection-based framework for structure-preserving interpolatory model reduction of parameterized linear dynamical systems, i.e., systems having a structured dependence on parameters that we wish to ...
    • Preconditioners for generalized saddle-point problems 

      Siefert, C.; De Sturler, E. (Siam Publications, 2006)
      We propose and examine block-diagonal preconditioners and variants of indefinite preconditioners for block two-by-two generalized saddle-point problems. That is, we consider the nonsymmetric, nonsingular case where the ( ...