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    • H-2 model reduction for large-scale linear dynamical systems 

      Gugercin, S.; Antoulas, A. C.; Beattie, C. (Siam Publications, 2008)
      The optimal H-2 model reduction problem is of great importance in the area of dynamical systems and simulation. In the literature, two independent frameworks have evolved focusing either on solution of Lyapunov equations ...
    • Interpolatory projection methods for parameterized model reduction 

      Baur, U.; Beattie, C.; Benner, P.; Gugercin, S. (Siam Publications, 2011)
      We provide a unifying projection-based framework for structure-preserving interpolatory model reduction of parameterized linear dynamical systems, i.e., systems having a structured dependence on parameters that we wish to ...
    • Recycling BICG with an application to model reduction 

      Ahuja, K.; de Sturler, E.; Gugercin, S.; Chang, E. R. (Siam Publications, 2012)
      Science and engineering problems frequently require solving a sequence of dual linear systems. Besides having to store only a few Lanczos vectors, using the biconjugate gradient method (BiCG) to solve dual linear systems ...