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    • Classical and adaptive control of ex vivo skeletal muscle contractions using Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) 

      Cienfuegos, P. J.; Shoemaker, A.; Grange, R. W.; Abaid, Nicole; Leonessa, Alexander (PLOS, 2017-03-08)
    • Collective behaviour across animal species 

      DeLellis, P.; Polverino, G.; Ustuner, G.; Abaid, Nicole; Macri, S.; Bollt, E. M.; Porfiri, M. (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-01-01)
      We posit a new geometric perspective to define, detect, and classify inherent patterns of collective behaviour across a variety of animal species. We show that machine learning techniques, and specifically the isometric ...
    • The Effect of Geography and Citizen Behavior on Motor Vehicle Deaths in the United States 

      Abaid, Nicole; Macinko, James; Silver, Diana; Porfiri, Maurizio (PLOS, 2015-04-07)
      Death due to motor vehicle collisions (MVCs) remains a leading cause of death in the US and alcohol plays a prominent role in a large proportion of these fatalities nationwide. Rates for these incidents vary widely among ...
    • Extracting Interactions between Flying Bat Pairs Using Model-Free Methods 

      Roy, Subhradeep; Howes, Kayla; Müller, Rolf; Butail, Sachit; Abaid, Nicole (MDPI, 2019-01-09)
      Social animals exhibit collective behavior whereby they negotiate to reach an agreement, such as the coordination of group motion. Bats are unique among most social animals, since they use active sensory echolocation by ...
    • Gait Detection in Children with and without Hemiplegia Using Single-Axis Wearable Gyroscopes 

      Abaid, Nicole; Cappa, Paolo; Palermo, Eduardo; Petrarca, Maurizio; Porfiri, Maurizio (PLOS, 2013-09-04)
      In this work, we develop a novel gait phase detection algorithm based on a hidden Markov model, which uses data from foot-mounted single-axis gyroscopes as input. We explore whether the proposed gait detection algorithm ...
    • Interactional dynamics of same-sex marriage legislation in the United States 

      Roy, Subhradeep; Abaid, Nicole (The Royal Society, 2017)
      Understanding how people form opinions and make decisions is a complex phenomenon that depends on both personal practices and interactions. Recent availability of real-world data has enabled quantitative analysis of opinion ...
    • Latent heat of traffic moving from rest 

      Ahmadi, S. Farzad; Berrier, Austin S.; Doty, William M.; Greer, Pat G.; Habibi, Mohammad; Morgan, Hunter A.; Waterman, Josam H.C.; Abaid, Nicole; Boreyko, Jonathan B. (IOP Publishing, 2017-11-22)
      Contrary to traditional thinking and driver intuition, here we show that there is no benefit to ground vehicles increasing their packing density at stoppages. By systematically controlling the packing density of vehicles ...