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    • Immersion Bioprinting of Tumor Organoids in Multi-Well Plates for Increasing Chemotherapy Screening Throughput 

      Maloney, Erin; Clark, Casey; Sivakumar, Hemamylammal; Yoo, KyungMin; Aleman, Julio; Rajan, Shiny A. P.; Forsythe, Steven; Mazzocchi, Andrea; Laxton, Adrian W.; Tatter, Stephen B.; Strowd, Roy E.; Votanopoulos, Konstantinos I.; Skardal, Aleksander (MDPI, 2020-02-18)
      The current drug development pipeline takes approximately fifteen years and $2.6 billion to get a new drug to market. Typically, drugs are tested on two-dimensional (2D) cell cultures and animal models to estimate their ...