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    • Investigating dielectric properties of different stages of syngeneic murine ovarian cancer cells 

      Salmanzadeh, Alireza; Sano, Michael B.; Gallo-Villanueva, R. C.; Roberts, Paul C.; Schmelz, Eva M.; Davalos, Rafael V. (American Institute of Physics, 2013-01-01)
      In this study, the electrical properties of four different stages of mouse ovarian surface epithelial (MOSE) cells were investigated using contactless dielectrophoresis (cDEP). This study expands the work from our previous ...
    • Paramecium swimming in capillary tube 

      Jana, S.; Um, S. H.; Jung, S. (American Institute of Physics, 2012-04-01)
      Swimming organisms in their natural habitat need to navigate through a wide range of geometries and chemical environments. Interaction with boundaries in such situations is ubiquitous and can significantly modify the ...
    • Wind-driven spume droplet production and the transport of Pseudomonas syringae from aquatic environments 

      Pietsch, Renee B.; Grothe, Hinrich; Hanlon, Regina; Powers, Craig W.; Jung, Sunghwan; Ross, Shane D.; Schmale, David G. III (PeerJ, 2018-09-26)
      Natural aquatic environments such as oceans, lakes, and rivers are home to a tremendous diversity of microorganisms. Some may cross the air-water interface within droplets and become airborne, with the potential to impact ...