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    • Dispersion of a single hole in the t-J model 

      Lee, T. K.; Shih, C. T. (American Physical Society, 1997-03-01)
      The dispersion of a single hole in the t-J model obtained by the exact result of 32 sites and the results obtained by self-consistent Born approximation and the Green function Monte Carlo method can be simply derived by a ...
    • Dissipation in Wigner-Poisson systems 

      Lange, H.; Zweifel, P. F. (AIP Publishing, 1994-04)
      The Wigner-Poisson (WP) system (or quantum Vlasov-Poisson system) is modified to include dissipative terms in the Hamiltonian. By utilizing the equivalence of the WP system to the Schrodinger-Poisson system, global existence ...
    • Distinguishing phases with ansatz wave functions 

      Bauer, B.; Troyer, M.; Scarola, Vito W.; Whaley, K. B. (2010-02)
    • Distortion-free imaging through inhomogeneities by selective spatial-filtering 

      Indebetouw, G. (Optical Society of America, 1990-08)
      Distortion-free imaging through a system with aberrations is possible for a certain class of input. The input spatial spectrum must be restricted to spatial frequencies which are equally affected by the aberrations (i.e., ...
    • DNA spintronics 

      Zwolak, M.; Di Ventra, M. (AIP Publishing, 2002-07)
      We predict, using a tight-binding model, that spin-dependent transport can be observed in short DNA molecules sandwiched between ferromagnetic contacts. In particular, we show that a DNA spin valve can be realized with ...
    • Doppler-free two-photon absorption of two coherent beams 

      Li, M. C. (American Physical Society, 1977-12)
      Proposed and performed experiments on the Doppler-free two-photon absorption of two coherent laser beams are discussed. The coherent phenomenon in experiments follows directly from basic quantum mechanics. It is shown that, ...
    • Driven diffusive systems: How steady states depend on dynamics 

      Kwak, W.; Landau, D. P.; Schmittmann, B. (American Physical Society, 2004-06)
      In contrast to equilibrium systems, nonequilibrium steady states depend explicitly on the underlying dynamics. Using Monte Carlo simulations with Metropolis, Glauber, and heat bath rates, we illustrate this expectation for ...
    • Duality group actions on fermions 

      Pantev, Tony; Sharpe, Eric R. (Springer, 2016-11-29)
      In this short paper we look at the action of T-duality and string duality groups on fermions, in maximally-supersymmetric theories and related theories. Briefly, we argue that typical duality groups such as SL( 2, Z) have ...
    • Dynamic interfaces in an organic thin film. 

      Tao, C.; Liu, Q.; Riddick, B. C.; Cullen, W. G.; Reutt-Robey, J.; Weeks, J. D.; Williams, E. D. (2008-10-28)
      Low-dimensional boundaries between phases and domains in organic thin films are important in charge transport and recombination. Here, fluctuations of interfacial boundaries in an organic thin film, acridine-9-carboxylic ...
    • Dynamic nuclear polarization in samarium-doped lanthanum magnesium nitrate 

      Byvik, C. E.; Wollan, D. S. (American Physical Society, 1974-08)
      We report theoretical and experimental investigations of the dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) and nuclear spin-lattice relaxation of protons in single crystals of lanthanum magnesium nitrate (LMN) weakly doped (≅0.1-1.1-mole%) ...
    • Dynamic nuclear polarization with an inhomogeneously broadened ESR line. I. Theory 

      Wollan, D. S. (American Physical Society, 1976-05)
      Theoretical investigations of the dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) and the nuclear spin-lattice relaxation time Tn in diamagnetic dielectric crystals diluted with electron paramagnetic impurities are reported here. The ...
    • Dynamic nuclear polarization with an inhomogeneously broadened ESR line. II. Experiment 

      Wollan, D. S. (American Physical Society, 1976-05)
      Results of proton dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP), nuclear spin-lattice relaxation, and ESR experiments in six YES: Er168 (Er168-doped yttrium ethyl sulphate) single crystals at 4.15 K and 9.1 GHz are reported here. ...
    • Dynamic phase transition in the three-dimensional kinetic Ising model in an oscillating field 

      Park, H.; Pleimling, M. (American Physical Society, 2013-03-20)
      Using numerical simulations, we investigate the properties of the dynamic phase transition that is encountered in the three-dimensional Ising model subjected to a periodically oscillating magnetic field. The values of the ...
    • Dynamic phase transitions in diffusion-limited reactions 

      Täuber, Uwe C. (Slovak Acad Sciences Inst Physics, 2002-12-01)
    • Dynamical phase transition of a one-dimensional transport process including death 

      Dorosz, S.; Mukherjee, S.; Platini, T. (American Physical Society, 2010-04)
      Motivated by biological aspects related to fungus growth, we consider the competition of growth and corrosion. We study a modification of the totally asymmetric exclusion process, including the probabilities of injection ...
    • Dynamical regimes of vortex flow in type-II superconductors with parallel twin boundaries 

      Chaturvedi, H.; Galliher, N.; Dobramysl, U.; Pleimling, Michel; Täuber, Uwe C.
      We explore the dynamics of driven magnetic flux lines in disordered type-II superconductors in the presence of twin boundaries oriented parallel to the direction of the applied magnetic field, using a three-dimensional ...
    • Dynamics of Hubbard-band quasiparticles in disordered optical lattices 

      Scarola, Vito W.; DeMarco, B. (Amer Physical Soc, 2015-11-30)
    • Dynamics of magnetic flux lines in the presence of correlated disorder 

      Bullard, T. J.; Das, J.; Täuber, Uwe C.
      We investigate the dynamics of interacting magnetic flux lines driven by an external current in the presence of linear pinning centers, arranged either in a periodic square lattice or placed randomly in space, by means of ...
    • Dynamics of photoexcited carriers and spins in InAsP ternary alloys 

      Meeker, M. A.; Magill, Brenden A.; Merritt, T. R.; Bhowmick, M.; McCutcheon, K.; Khodaparast, Giti A.; Tischler, J. G.; McGill, S.; Choi, S. G.; Palmstrom, C. J. (AIP Publishing, 2013-06)
      The recent rapid progress in the field of spintronics involves extensive measurements of carrier and spin relaxation dynamics in III-V semiconductors. In addition, as the switching rates in devices are pushed to higher ...
    • Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction and Spiral Order in Spin-orbit Coupled Optical Lattices 

      Gong, M.; Qian, Y.; Yan, M.; Scarola, Vito W.; Zhang, C. (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-05-27)