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    • Analytic approximation to the ground-state energy of the Anderson model 

      Mancini, Jay D.; Massano, William J.; Potter, Charles D.; Bowen, Samuel P. (American Physical Society, 1988-09)
      Using the nonperturbative Lanczos recursion scheme an analytic approximation to the ground-state energy of the single-impurity Anderson model is obtained. Calculations are carried out to a 5x5 matrix truncation. Comparisons ...
    • Anapole dark matter quantum mechanics 

      Gamboa, J.; Mendez, F.; Tapia, N. (2020-01-23)
      The dynamics of an anapole seen as dark matter at low energies is studied by solving the Schrodinger-Pauli equation in a potential involving the Dirac delta and its derivatives in three dimensions. This is an interesting ...
    • Anomalous nucleation far from equilibrium 

      Georgiev, I. T.; Schmittmann, B.; Zia, R. K. P. (American Physical Society, 2005-03-25)
      We present precision Monte Carlo data and analytic arguments for an asymmetric exclusion process, involving two species of particles driven in opposite directions on a 2xL lattice. To resolve a stark discrepancy between ...
    • Antiferromagnetic coupling of the single-molecule magnet Mn-12 to a ferromagnetic substrate 

      Park, K. (American Physical Society, 2011-02-28)
      We investigate magnetic coupling between a monolayer of prototype single-molecule magnets Mn-12 and a ferromagnetic Ni(111) substrate through S, using density-functional theory (DFT) and a DFT+U method. Our DFT and DFT+U ...
    • The Application of a Nanomaterial Optical Fiber Biosensor Assay for Identification of Brucella Nomenspecies 

      McCutcheon, Kelly; Bandara, Aloka B.; Zuo, Ziwei; Heflin, James R.; Inzana, Thomas J. (MDPI, 2019-05-21)
      Bacteria in the genus Brucella are the cause of brucellosis in humans and many domestic and wild animals. A rapid and culture-free detection assay to detect Brucella in clinical samples would be highly valuable. ...
    • Application of the connected-moment expansion to single-impurity Anderson Hamiltonians 

      Massano, William J.; Bowen, Samuel P.; Mancini, Jay D. (American Physical Society, 1989-04)
      We use the connected-moment expansion, recently developed by Cioslowski [Phys. Rev. Lett. 58, 83 (1987)], to investigate the ground-state energy of the single-impurity Anderson model. It is found that the moment expansion ...
    • Application of the Small-Angle Approximation to Ocean Water Types 

      Swanson, N. L.; Billard, B. D.; Gehman, V. M.; Gennaro, T. L. (Optical Society of America, 2001)
      The small-angle approximation to the radiative transport equation is applied to particle suspensions that emulate ocean water. A particle size distribution is constructed from polystyrene and glass spheres with the best ...
    • Applications of field-theoretic renormalization group methods to reaction-diffusion problems 

      Täuber, Uwe C.; Howard, M.; Vollmayr-Lee, B. P. (Iop Publishing Ltd, 2005-04-29)
    • Applied Antineutrino Physics 2015 -- Conference Summary 

      Bowden, N. S.; Heeger, K. M.; Huber, Patrick; Mariani, Camillo; Vogelaar, R. Bruce
      This is a brief summary of the 11th Applied Antineutrino Physics 2015 workshop held at the Virginia Tech Arlington Research Facility from December 7-8, 2015.
    • The Astropy Project: Building an Open-science Project and Status of the v2.0 Core Package 

      Price-Whelan, A. M.; Sipocz, B. M.; Gunther, H. M.; Lim, P. L.; Crawford, S. M.; Conseil, S.; Shupe, D. L.; Craig, M. W.; Dencheva, N.; Ginsburg, A.; VanderPlas, J. T.; Bradley, L. D.; Perez-Suarez, D.; de Val-Borro, M.; Aldcroft, T. L.; Cruz, K. L.; Robitaille, T. P.; Tollerud, E. J.; Ardelean, C.; Babej, T.; Bach, Y. P.; Bachetti, M.; Bakanov, A. V.; Bamford, S. P.; Barentsen, G.; Barmby, P.; Baumbach, A.; Berry, K. L.; Biscani, F.; Boquien, M.; Bostroem, K. A.; Bouma, L. G.; Brammer, G. B.; Bray, E. M.; Breytenbach, H.; Buddelmeijer, H.; Burke, D. J.; Calderone, G.; Cano Rodriguez, J. L.; Cara, M.; Cardoso, J. V. M.; Cheedella, S.; Copin, Y.; Corrales, L.; Crichton, D.; D'Avella, D.; Deil, C.; Depagne, E.; Dietrich, J. P.; Donath, A.; Droettboom, M.; Earl, N.; Erben, T.; Fabbro, S.; Ferreira, L. A.; Finethy, T.; Fox, R. T.; Garrison, L. H.; Gibbons, S. L. J.; Goldstein, D. A.; Gommers, R.; Greco, J. P.; Greenfield, P.; Groener, A. M.; Grollier, F.; Hagen, A.; Hirst, P.; Homeier, D.; Horton, A. J.; Hosseinzadeh, G.; Hu, L.; Hunkeler, J. S.; Ivezic, Z.; Jain, A.; Jenness, T.; Kanarek, G.; Kendrew, S.; Kern, N. S.; Kerzendorf, W. E.; Khvalko, A.; King, J.; Kirkby, D.; Kulkarni, A. M.; Kumar, A.; Lee, A.; Lenz, D.; Littlefair, S. P.; Ma, Z.; Macleod, D. M.; Mastropietro, M.; McCully, C.; Montagnac, S.; Morris, B. M.; Mueller, M.; Mumford, S. J.; Muna, D.; Murphy, N. A.; Nelson, S.; Nguyen, G. H.; Ninan, J. P.; Noethe, M.; Ogaz, S.; Oh, S.; Parejko, J. K.; Parley, N.; Pascual, S.; Patil, R.; Patil, A. A.; Plunkett, A. L.; Prochaska, J. X.; Rastogi, T.; Janga, V. Reddy; Sabater, J.; Sakurikar, P.; Seifert, M.; Sherbert, L. E.; Sherwood-Taylor, H.; Shih, A. Y.; Sick, J.; Silbiger, M. T.; Singanamalla, S.; Singer, L. P.; Sladen, P. H.; Sooley, K. A.; Sornarajah, S.; Streicher, O.; Teuben, P.; Thomas, S. W.; Tremblay, G. R.; Turner, J. E. H.; Terron, V.; van Kerkwijk, M. H.; de la Vegat, A.; Watkins, L. L.; Weaver, B. A.; Whitmore, J. B.; Woillez, J.; Zabalza, V. (2018-09)
      The Astropy Project supports and fosters the development of open-source and openly developed Python packages that provide commonly needed functionality to the astronomical community. A key element of the Astropy Project ...
    • B-branes and supersymmetric quivers in 2d 

      Closset, Cyril; Guo, Jirui; Sharpe, Eric R. (Springer, 2018-02-08)
      We study 2d N = (0, 2) supersymmetric quiver gauge theories that describe the low-energy dynamics of D1-branes at Calabi-Yau fourfold (CY4) singularities. On general grounds, the holomorphic sector of these theories - ...
    • Background independent quantum mechanics and gravity 

      Minic, Djordje; Tze, C. H. (American Physical Society, 2003-09-15)
      We argue that the demand of background independence in a quantum theory of gravity calls for an extension of standard geometric quantum mechanics. We discuss a possible kinematical and dynamical generalization of the latter ...
    • BAL outflow contribution to AGN feedback: frequency of S IV outflows in the SDSS 

      Dunn, Jay P.; Arav, Nahum; Aoki, Kentaro; Wilkins, Ashlee; Laughlin, Courtney; Edmonds, Douglas; Bautista, Manuel (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2012-05)
      We present a study of broad absorption line (BAL) quasar outflows that show S IV lambda 1063 and S IV* lambda 1073 troughs. The fractional abundances of S IV and C IV peak at similar value of the ionization parameter, ...
    • BAL phosphorus abundance and evidence for immense ionic column densities in quasar outflows: vlt/x-shooter observations of quasar SDSS J1512+1119 

      Borguet, Benoit C. J.; Edmonds, Douglas; Arav, Nahum; Benn, C.; Chamberlain, Carter (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2012-10)
      We present spectroscopic analysis of the broad absorption line (BAL) outflow in quasar SDSS J1512+1119. In particular, we focus our attention on a kinematic component in which we identify P V and S IV/S IV* absorption ...
    • Bell's Inequalities, Superquantum Correlations, and String Theory 

      Chang, Lay Nam; Lewis, Zachary; Minic, Djordje; Takeuchi, Tatsu; Tze, Chia-Hsiung (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2011)
      We offer an interpretation of superquantum correlations in terms of a “doubly” quantum theory.We argue that string theory, viewed as a quantum theory with two deformation parameters, the string tension α', and the string ...
    • Bell's Inequalities, Superquantum Correlations, and String Theory 

      Chang, Lay Nam; Lewis, Zachary; Minic, Djordje; Takeuchi, Tatsu; Tze, Chia-Hsiung (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2011-01-01)
      We offer an interpretation of super-quantum correlations in terms of a “doubly” quantum theory. We argue that string theory, viewed as a quantum theory with two deformation parameters, the string tension a′ and the string ...
    • Biorthogonal quantum mechanics: super-quantum correlations and expectation values without definite probabilities 

      Chang, Lay Nam; Lewis, Zachary; Minic, Djordje; Takeuchi, Tatsu (Iop Publishing Ltd, 2013-12-06)
      We propose mutant versions of quantum mechanics constructed on vector spaces over the finite Galois fields GF(3) and GF(9). The mutation we consider here is distinct from what we proposed in previous papers on Galois field ...
    • Bistability in an Ising model with non-Hamiltonian dynamics 

      Heringa, J. R.; Shinkai, H.; Blote, H. W. J.; Hoogland, A.; Zia, R. K. P. (American Physical Society, 1992-03)
      We investigate the phenomenon of magnetization bistability in a two-dimensional Ising model with a non-Hamiltonian Glauber dynamics by means of Monte Carlo simulations. This effect has previously been observed in the Toom ...
    • Bohm-Aharonov experiment without an electron microscope 

      Li, M. C. (American Physical Society, 1978-08)
      A new-type Bohm-Aharonov experiment is proposed. The experiment can be carried out in a large scale without the help of an electron microscope.
    • Boson core compressibility 

      Khorramzadeh, Y.; Lin, F.; Scarola, Vito W. (Amer Physical Soc, 2012-04-16)