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    • T-branes and geometry 

      Anderson, Lara B.; Heckman, Jonathan J.; Katz, Sheldon (Springer, 2014-05-19)
      T-branes are a non-abelian generalization of intersecting branes in which the matrix of normal deformations is nilpotent along some subspace. In this paper we study the geometric remnant of this open string data for ...
    • T-branes at the limits of geometry 

      Anderson, Lara B.; Heckman, Jonathan J.; Katz, Sheldon; Schaposnik, Laura P. (Springer, 2017-10-10)
      Singular limits of 6D F-theory compactifications are often captured by T-branes, namely a non-abelian configuration of intersecting 7-branes with a nilpotent matrix of normal deformations. The long distance approximation ...
    • t-J model studied by the power Lanczos method 

      Chen, Y. C.; Lee, T. K. (American Physical Society, 1995-03)
      The initial trial wave function used in a simple ground-state projection method, the power method, is systematically improved by using Lanczos algorithm. Much faster convergence to the ground state achieved by using these ...
    • Targeting specific eigenvectors and eigenvalues of a given Hamiltonian using arbitrary selection criteria 

      Tackett, A. R.; Di Ventra, M. (American Physical Society, 2002-12)
      We present a method for calculating some select eigenvalues and corresponding eigenvectors of a given Hamiltonian. We show that it is possible to target the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of interest without diagonalizing ...
    • Täuber, Howard, and Hinrichsen Reply: 

      Täuber, Uwe C.; Howard, M. J.; Hinrichsen, H. (1998-09)
    • Temperature Evolution of Quasi-one-dimensional C-60 Nanostructures on Rippled Graphene 

      Chen, Chuanhui; Zheng, Husong; Mills, Adam; Heflin, James R.; Tao, Chenggang (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-09-22)
      We report the preparation of novel quasi-one-dimensional (quasi-1D) C60 nanostructures on rippled graphene. Through careful control of the subtle balance between the linear periodic potential of rippled graphene and the ...
    • Testing the ER = EPR conjecture 

      Dai, De-Chang; Minic, Djordje; Stojkovic, Dejan; Fu, Changbo (2020-09-15)
      We discuss a few tests of the ER = EPR proposal. We consider certain conceptual issues as well as explicit physical examples that could be experimentally realized. In particular, we discuss the role of the Bell bounds, the ...
    • The Complex Physics of Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies at High Redshifts as Revealed by Herschel and Spitzer 

      Lo Faro, B.; Franceschini, A.; Vaccari, M.; Silva, L.; Rodighiero, G.; Berta, S.; Bock, J.; Burgarella, D.; Buat, V.; Cava, A.; Clements, D. L.; Cooray, A.; Farrah, D.; Feltre, A.; Solares, E. A. G.; Hurley, P.; Lutz, D.; Magdis, G.; Magnelli, B.; Marchetti, L.; Oliver, S. J.; Page, M. J.; Popesso, P.; Pozzi, F.; Rigopoulou, D.; Rowan-Robinson, M.; Roseboom, I. G.; Scott, D.; Smith, A. J.; Symeonidis, M.; Wang, L.; Wuyts, S. (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2013-01)
      We combine far-infrared photometry from Herschel (PEP/HerMES) with deep mid-infrared spectroscopy from Spitzer to investigate the nature and the mass assembly history of a sample of 31 luminous and ultraluminous infrared ...
    • The Contribution Of Galactic Free-Free Emission to Anisotropies in the Cosmic Microwave Background Found by the Saskatoon Experiment 

      Simonetti, John H.; Dennison, B.; Topasna, G. A. (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 1996-02)
      We made a sensitive, wide-field Ha image of the north celestial polar region. Using this image, we constrain the contribution of irregularities in interstellar free-free emission to the degree-scale anisotropies in the ...
    • The evolution of the dust and gas content in galaxies 

      Santini, P.; Maiolino, R.; Magnelli, B.; Lutz, D.; Lamastra, A.; Causi, G. L.; Eales, S.; Andreani, P.; Berta, S.; Buat, V.; Cooray, A.; Cresci, G.; Daddi, E.; Farrah, D.; Fontana, A.; Franceschini, A.; Genzel, R.; Granato, G.; Grazian, A.; Le Floc'h, E.; Magdis, G.; Magliocchetti, M.; Mannucci, F.; Menci, N.; Nordon, R.; Oliver, S.; Popesso, P.; Pozzi, F.; Riguccini, L.; Rodighiero, G.; Rosario, D. J.; Salvato, M.; Scott, D.; Silva, L.; Tacconi, L.; Viero, M.; Wang, L.; Wuyts, S.; Xu, K. (EDP SCIENCES, 2014-02)
      We use deep Herschel observations taken with both PACS and SPIRE imaging cameras to estimate the dust mass of a sample of galaxies extracted from the GOODS-S, GOODS-N and the COSMOS fields. We divide the redshift-stellar ...
    • The Extreme Scattering Event toward PKS 1741-038: VLBI Images 

      Lazio, T. J. W.; Fey, A. L.; Dennison, B.; Mantovani, F.; Simonetti, John H.; Alberdi, A.; Foley, A. R.; Fiedler, R.; Garrett, M. A.; Hirabayashi, H.; Jauncey, D. L.; Johnston, K. J.; Marcaide, J.; Migenes, V.; Nicolson, G. D.; Venturi, T. (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 2000-05)
      We report multiepoch VLBI observations of the source PKS 1741-038 (OT 068) as it underwent an extreme scattering event (ESE). Observations at four epochs were obtained, and images were produced at three of these. One of ...
    • The field high-amplitude SX Phe variable BL Cam: results from a multisite photometric campaign 

      Fauvaud, S.; Sareyan, J. P.; Ribas, I.; Rodriguez, E.; Lampens, P.; Klingenberg, G.; Farrell, J. A.; Fumagalli, F.; Simonetti, John H.; Wolf, M.; Santacana, G.; Zhou, A. Y.; Michel, R.; Fox-Machado, L.; Alvarez, M.; Nava-Vega, A.; Lopez-Gonzalez, M. J.; Casanova, V. M.; Aceituno, F. J.; Scheggia, I.; Rives, J. J.; Hintz, E. G.; Van Cauteren, P.; Helvaci, M.; Yesilyaprak, C.; Graham, K. A.; Kral, L.; Kocian, R.; Kucakova, H.; Fauvaud, M.; Granslo, B. H.; Michelet, J.; Nicholson, M. P.; Vugnon, J. M.; Kotkova, L.; Truparova, K.; Ulusoy, C.; Yasarsoy, B.; Avdibegovic, A.; Blazek, M.; Kliner, J.; Zasche, P.; Bartosikova, S.; Vilasek, M.; Trondal, O.; Van Den Abbeel, F.; Behrend, R.; Wucher, H. (EDP SCIENCES, 2010-06)
      Context. Short-period high-amplitude pulsating stars of Population I (delta Sct stars) and II (SX Phe variables) exist in the lower part of the classical (Cepheid) instability strip. Most of them have very simple pulsational ...
    • The field high-amplitude SX Phoenicis variable BL Camelopardalis: results from a multisite photometric campaign 

      Rodriguez, E.; Fauvaud, S.; Farrell, J. A.; Zhou, A. Y.; Sareyan, J. P.; Lopez-Gonzalez, M. J.; Dupret, M. A.; Grigahcene, A.; de Ridder, J.; Klingenberg, G.; Wolf, M.; Van Cauteren, P.; Lampens, P.; Martinez, D.; Casanova, V. M.; Aceituno, F. J.; Helvaci, M.; Hintz, E. G.; Kral, L.; Fumagalli, F.; Simonetti, John H.; Granslo, B. H.; Kotkova, L.; Santacana, G.; Michelet, J.; Fauvaud, M.; Vugnon, J. M.; Sadsaoud, H.; Aliouane, A.; Grigahcene, Z. C.; Martin-Ruiz, S.; Amado, P. J.; Suarez, J. C.; Moya, A.; Kucakova, H.; Kocian, R.; Truparova, B.; Avdibegtovic, A.; Blazek, M.; Kliner, J.; Zasche, P.; Vilasek, M.; Bartosikova, S.; Yasarsoy, B.; Ulusoy, C.; Graham, K. A.; Nicholson, M. P.; Trondal, O.; Yesilyaprak, C.; Coker, D. (EDP SCIENCES, 2007-08)
      Context. BL Cam is an extreme metal-deficient field high-amplitude SX Phe-type variable where a very complex frequency spectrum is detected, with a number of independent nonradial modes excited, unusual among the high-amplitude ...
    • The half-Hartley and the half-Hilbert transform 

      Paverifontana, S. L.; Zweifel, P. F. (AIP Publishing, 1994-05)
      Inversion formulas are obtained for the restrictions of the Hartley and Hilbert transforms to R+. Regularity results are derived, and an illustrative example presented.
    • The influence of self-absorption on the photoluminescence of thin film CdS demonstrated by two-photon absorption 

      Ullrich, B.; Schroeder, R.; Graupner, W.; Sakai, H. (Optical Society of America, 2001-07)
      By means of two-photon excited photoluminescence, we demonstrate the influence of self-absorption on the emission properties of thin (1.5 mum) film CdS formed by laser ablation. The excitation of the sample is performed ...
    • The meniscus on the outside of a circular cylinder: From microscopic to macroscopic scales 

      Tang, Yanfei; Cheng, Shengfeng (ACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCE, 2019-01-01)
      We systematically study the meniscus on the outside of a small circular cylinder vertically immersed in a liquid bath in a cylindrical container that is coaxial with the cylinder. The cylinder has a radius R much smaller ...
    • The nuclear spectroscopic telescope array (NuSTAR) high-energy x-ray mission 

      Harrison, F. A.; Craig, W. W.; Christensen, F. E.; Hailey, C. J.; Zhang, W. W.; Boggs, S. E.; Stern, D.; Cook, W. R.; Forster, K.; Giommi, P.; Grefenstette, B. W.; Kim, Y.; Kitaguchi, T.; Koglin, J. E.; Madsen, K. K.; Mao, P. H.; Miyasaka, H.; Mori, K.; Perri, M.; Pivovaroff, M. J.; Puccetti, S.; Rana, V. R.; Westergaard, N. J.; Willis, J.; Zoglauer, A.; An, H. J.; Bachetti, M.; Barriere, N. M.; Bellm, E. C.; Bhalerao, V.; Brejnholt, N. F.; Fuerst, F.; Liebe, C. C.; Markwardt, C. B.; Nynka, M.; Vogel, J. K.; Walton, D. J.; Wik, D. R.; Alexander, D. M.; Cominsky, L. R.; Hornschemeier, A. E.; Hornstrup, A.; Kaspi, V. M.; Madejski, G. M.; Matt, G.; Molendi, S.; Smith, D. M.; Tomsick, J. A.; Ajello, M.; Ballantyne, D. R.; Balokovic, M.; Barret, D.; Bauer, F. E.; Blandford, R. D.; Brandt, W. N.; Brenneman, L. W.; Chiang, J.; Chakrabarty, D.; Chenevez, J.; Comastri, A.; Dufour, F.; Elvis, M.; Fabian, A. C.; Farrah, D.; Fryer, C. L.; Gotthelf, E. V.; Grindlay, J. E.; Helfand, D. J.; Krivonos, R.; Meier, D. L.; Miller, J. M.; Natalucci, L.; Ogle, P.; Ofek, E. O.; Ptak, A.; Reynolds, S. P.; Rigby, J. R.; Tagliaferri, G.; Thorsett, S. E.; Treister, E.; Urry, C. M. (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2013-06)
      The Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) mission, launched on 2012 June 13, is the first focusing high-energy X-ray telescope in orbit. NuSTAR operates in the band from 3 to 79 keV, extending the sensitivity of ...
    • The quasar outflow contribution to AGN feedback: VLT measurements of SDSS J0318-0600 

      Dunn, Jay P.; Bautista, M.; Arav, Nahum; Moe, Maxwell; Korista, K.; Costantini, E.; Benn, C.; Ellison, S.; Edmonds, Douglas (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2010-02)
      We present high spectral resolution Very Large Telescope observations of the broad absorption line quasar SDSS J0318-0600. This high-quality data set allows us to extract accurate ionic column densities and determine an ...
    • The relationship between normalization coefficient and dispersion function for the multigroup transport equation 

      Feigenbaum, M. J. (AIP Publishing, 1976-05)
      An explicit formula for the discrete Case normalization coefficient is presented in terms of functions related to the dispersion function. These functions are easily determined and provide the normalization coefficient ...
    • The Riemann-Hilbert problem for nonsymmetric systems 

      Greenberg, W.; Zweifel, P. F.; Paverifontana, S. (AIP Publishing, 1991-12)
      A comparison of the Riemann-Hilbert problem and the Wiener-Hopf factorization problem arising in the solution of half-space singular integral equations is presented. Emphasis is on the factorization of functions lacking ...