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    • Early preclinical detection of prions in the skin of prion-infected animals 

      Wang, Zerui; Manca, Matteo; Foutz, Aaron; Camacho, Manuel V.; Raymond, Gregory J.; Race, Brent; Orru, Christina D.; Yuan, Jue; Shen, Pingping; Li, Baiya; Lang, Yue; Dang, Johnny; Adornato, Alise; Williams, Katie; Maurer, Nicholas R.; Gambetti, Pierluigi; Xu, Bin; Surewicz, Witold; Petersen, Robert B.; Dong, Xiaoping; Appleby, Brian S.; Caughey, Byron; Cui, Li; Kong, Qingzhong; Zou, Wen-Quan (2019-01-16)
      A definitive pre-mortem diagnosis of prion disease depends on brain biopsy for prion detection currently and no validated alternative preclinical diagnostic tests have been reported to date. To determine the feasibility ...