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    • Diversity and Functional Analysis of the FeMo-Cofactor Maturase NifB 

      Arragain, Simon; Jimenez-Vicente, Emilio; Scandurra, Alessandro A.; Buren, Stefan; Rubio, Luis M.; Echavarri-Erasun, Carlos (2017-11-14)
      One of the main hurdles to engineer nitrogenase in a non-diazotrophic host is achieving NifB activity. NifB is an extremely unstable and oxygen sensitive protein that catalyzes a low-potential SAM-radical dependent reaction. ...
    • Sequential and differential interaction of assembly factors during nitrogenase MoFe protein maturation 

      Jimenez-Vicente, Emilio; Yang, Zhi-Yong; Keith Ray, W.; Echavarri-Erasun, Carlos; Cash, Valerie L.; Rubio, Luis M.; Seefeldt, Lance C.; Dean, Dennis R. (2018-06-22)
      Nitrogenases reduce atmospheric nitrogen, yielding the basic inorganic molecule ammonia. The nitrogenase MoFe protein contains two cofactors, a [7Fe-9S-Mo-C-homocitrate] active-site species, designated FeMo-cofactor, and ...