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    • Pop-up and/or Starter Fertilizers for Corn 

      Alley, Marcus M., 1947-; Reiter, Scott; Thomason, Wade Everett; Reiter, Mark S. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2010)
      Discusses early season planting of corn, and types of fertilizers to use during this time.
    • Potassium Fertilization of Cotton 

      Abaye, A. O. (Azenegashe Ozzie) (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009)
      Discusses potassium uptake in cotton plants, causes for potassium deficiency, and soil and potassium fertilizer management.
    • Virginia No-Till Fact Sheet Series. Number Six, Nitrogen Fertilizer Sources and Properties 

      Alley, Marcus M., 1947-; Thomason, Wade Everett; Woodward, Timothy (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-08-27)
      The most commonly available nitrogen fertilizer sources used in Virginia are urea, liquid urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN) solution, and ammonium sulfate. Ammonium nitrate is also available in some areas but its use is low ...