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    • Continental-scale homogenization of residential lawn plant communities 

      Wheeler, Megan M.; Neill, Christopher; Groffman, Peter M.; Avolio, Meghan; Bettez, Neil; Cavender-Bares, Jeannine; Chowdhury, Rinku Roy; Darling, Lindsay; Grove, J. Morgan; Hall, Sharon J.; Heffernan, James B.; Hobbie, Sarah E.; Larson, Kelli L.; Morse, Jennifer L.; Nelson, Kristen C.; Ogden, Laura A.; O'Neil-Dunne, Jarlath; Pataki, Diane E.; Polsky, Colin; Steele, Meredith; Trammell, Tara L. E. (2017-09)
      Residential lawns are highly managed ecosystems that occur in urbanized landscapes across the United States. Because they are ubiquitous, lawns are good systems in which to study the potential homogenizing effects of urban ...