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    • Healthy-lifestyle behaviors associated with overweight and obesity in US rural children. 

      Tovar, Alison; Chui, Kenneth; Hyatt, Raymond R.; Kuder, Julia; Kraak, Vivica; Choumenkovitch, Silvina; Hastings, Alia; Bloom, Julia; Economos, Christina (2012)
      BACKGROUND: There are disproportionately higher rates of overweight and obesity in poor rural communities but studies exploring children's health-related behaviors that may assist in designing effective interventions are ...
    • Resistance exercise training and in vitro skeletal muscle oxidative capacity in older adults 

      Flack, Kyle D.; Davy, Brenda M.; DeBerardinis, Martin; Boutagy, Nabil E.; McMillan, Ryan P.; Hulver, Matthew W.; Frisard, Madlyn I.; Anderson, Angela S.; Savla, Jyoti S.; Davy, Kevin P. (2016-07)
      Whether resistance exercise training (RET) improves skeletal muscle substrate oxidative capacity and reduces mitochondrial production of reactive oxygen species in older adults remains unclear. To address this, 19 older ...