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    • Nox4 mediates skeletal muscle metabolic responses to exercise 

      Specht, Kalyn S.; Kant, Shashi; Addington, Adele K.; McMillan, Ryan P.; Hulver, Matthew W.; Learnard, Heather; Campbell, Maura; Donnelly, Sarah R.; Caliz, Amada D.; Pei, Yongmei; Reif, Michaella M.; Bond, Jacob M.; DeMarco, Anthony; Craige, Branch; Keaney Jr, John F. d; Craige, Siobhan M. (2021-03)
      Objective: The immediate signals that couple exercise to metabolic adaptations are incompletely understood. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase 4 (Nox4) produces reactive oxygen species (ROS) and plays a ...
    • Serum endotoxin, gut permeability and skeletal muscle metabolic adaptations following a short term high fat diet in humans 

      Bowser, Suzanne M.; McMillan, Ryan P.; Boutagy, Nabil E.; Tarpey, Michael D.; Smithson, Andrew T.; Osterberg, Kristin L.; Neilson, Andrew P.; Davy, Brenda M.; Davy, Kevin P.; Hulver, Matthew W. (2019-11-27)
      Background: Our previous work demonstrated that a short-term high fat diet (HFD) increased fasting serum endotoxin, altered postprandial excursions of serum endotoxin, and led to metabolic and transcriptional responses in ...