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    • Validation of high throughput sequencing and microbial forensics applications 

      Budowle, Bruce; Connell, Nancy D.; Bielecka-Oder, Anna; Colwell, Rita R.; Corbett, Cindi R.; Fletcher, Jacqueline; Forsman, Mats; Kadavy, Dana R.; Markotic, Alemka; Morse, Stephen A.; Murch, Randall S.; Sajantila, Antti; Schmedes, Sarah E.; Ternus, Krista L.; Turner, Stephen D.; Minot, Samuel (2014-07-30)
      High throughput sequencing (HTS) generates large amounts of high quality sequence data for microbial genomics. The value of HTS for microbial forensics is the speed at which evidence can be collected and the power to ...
    • Virginia Tech Food Access and Security Study 

      Hall, Ralph P.; Ranganathan, Shyam; Agnew, Jessica; Christie, Maria Elisa; Kirk, Gary; Lucero, Christian; Clark, Susan F.; Archibald, Thomas G. (Virginia Tech, 2019-10-30)
      There is growing evidence to suggest that a substantial number of college and university students in the United States grapple with food insecurity during their studies. One of the most comprehensive surveys on this issue ...
    • Who Will Benefit from ESOPs? 

      Rothschild, Joyce (Cornell University ILR School, 1985)
      [Excerpt] In the past decade, the number of worker-owned firms or ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) has been growing geometrically. The national law granting tax incentives to ESOPs was passed in 1975, and since then ...