Recent Submissions

  • The effectiveness of credibility indicator interventions in a partisan context 

    Duncan, Megan A. (SAGE Publications, 2019-12-01)
    Audiences, who cannot investigate the credibility of most news stories for themselves, rely on noncontent heuristic cues to form credibility judgments. For most media, these heuristics were stable over time. Emerging formats ...
  • What's in a Label? Negative Credibility Labels in Partisan News 

    Duncan, Megan A. (SAGE Publications, 2020-10-13)
    Concern about partisan audiences blindly following partisan news brands while simultaneously being unable to distinguish the credible news from hoax news dominates media criticism and theoretical inquiries. Companies and ...
  • An Agenda for Open Science in Communication 

    Dienlin, Tobias; Johannes, Niklas; Bowman, Nicholas David; Masur, Philipp K.; Engesser, Sven; Kümpel, Anna Sophie; Lukito, Josephine; Bier, Lindsey M.; Zhang, Renwen; Johnson, Benjamin K.; Huskey, Richard; Schneider, Frank M.; Breuer, Johannes; Parry, Douglas A.; Vermeulen, Ivar; Fisher, Jacob T.; Banks, Jaime; Weber, René; Ellis, David A.; Smits, Tim; Ivory, James Dee; Trepte, Sabine; McEwan, Bree; Rinke, Eike Mark; Neubaum, German; Winter, Stephan; Carpenter, Christopher J.; Krämer, Nicole; Utz, Sonja; Unkel, Julian; Wang, Xiaohui; Davidson, Brittany I.; Kim, Nuri; Won, Andrea Stevenson; Domahidi, Emese; Lewis, Neil A.; de Vreese, Claes (Oxford University Press, 2020)
    In the last 10 years, many canonical findings in the social sciences appear unreliable. This so-called “replication crisis” has spurred calls for open science practices, which aim to increase the reproducibility, replicability, ...
  • Technologies, Ethics and Journalism’s Relationship with the Public 

    Duncan, Megan A.; Culver, Kathleen Bartzen (Cogitatio Press, 2020-07-27)
    Drones can provide a bird’s eye view of breaking news and events that can be streamed live or used in edited news coverage. Past research has focused on the training and ethics of journalists and drone operators. Little ...
  • Exploring Mechanisms of Narrative Persuasion in a News Context: The Role of Narrative Structure, Perceived Similarity, Stigma, and Affect in Changing Attitudes 

    Tamul, Daniel J.; Hotter, Jessica C. (University of California Press, 2019-10-28)
    Two exploratory studies demonstrate, for the first time, that narrative persuasion can diminish the stigma attached to social groups featured in journalistic narratives. Study 1 shows narrative format improves stigma toward ...
  • What’s in a Font?: Ideological Perceptions of Typography 

    Haenschen, Katherine; Tamul, Daniel J. (2019-12-20)
    Although extensive political communication research considers the content of candidate messages, scholars have largely ignored how those words are rendered – specifically, the typefaces in which they are set. If typefaces ...
  • Video Games as a Multifaceted Medium: A Review of Quantitative Social Science Research on Video Games and a Typology of Video Game Research Approaches 

    Ivory, James Dee (Review of Communication Research, 2013)
    Although there is a vast and useful body of quantitative social science research dealing with the social role and impact of video games, it is difficult to compare studies dealing with various dimensions of video games ...
  • Taking it from the team: Assessments of bias and credibility in team-operated sports media 

    Mirer, Michael; Duncan, Megan A.; Wagner, Michael (2018-10-29)
    Team- and league-operated media play a growing role in the sports media system. Few have looked at how audiences perceive the credibility of in-house content, which regularly mimics traditional sports journalism. An ...
  • Virtual Lives 

    Ivory, James Dee (2014-02-18)
    Virtual Lives, the impact of media and online games presentation in Newman Library is part of the Visual Scholarship Initiative--a collaboration between Virginia Tech Libraries and the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences.