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    • Amenities, affordability, and housing vouchers 

      Bieri, D.S.; Dawkins, C.J. (Blackwell Publishing Inc., 2018-06-19)
      Against the background of an emerging rental affordability crisis, we examine how the standard rule that households should not spend more than 30% of their income on housing expenditures leads to inefficiencies in the ...
    • Asset Prices with Random Investor Types 

      Tsang, KP; Tserenjigmid, G
    • Beamforming when the sound velocity is not precisely known 

      Hinich, Melvin J. (Acoustical Society of America, 1980-08)
      Beamforming is an integral part of most signal processingsystems in active or passive sonars. The delays used to generate a beam are functions of the sound velocity, which depends on temperature, salinity, and pressure. ...
    • Bearing estimation using a large towed array 

      Hinich, Melvin J.; Rule, William (Acoustical Society of America, 1975)
      When a towed array of hydrophones is significantly nonlinear due to bending, ordinary linear array beamforming gives a biased estimate of the true source bearing. By processing the array as a sequence of smaller aperture ...
    • Bearing estimation using a perturbed linear array 

      Hinich, Melvin J. (Acoustical Society of America, 1977-06)
      A linear hydrophone array which is towed in the ocean is subject to snakelike bending. If the array is processed as if it was truly linear, the author has shown that the bending causes a deflection of the measured bearing ...
    • Cloud-Sourcing: Using an Online Labor Force to Detect Clouds and Cloud Shadows in Landsat Images 

      Yu, Ling; Ball, Sheryl B.; Blinn, Christine E.; Moeltner, Klaus; Peery, Seth; Thomas, Valerie A.; Wynne, Randolph H. (MDPI, 2015-02-26)
      We recruit an online labor force through’s Mechanical Turk platform to identify clouds and cloud shadows in Landsat satellite images. We find that a large group of workers can be mobilized quickly and relatively ...
    • Credible Granger-Causality Inference with Modest Sample Lengths: A Cross-Sample Validation Approach 

      Ashley, Richard A.; Tsang, Kwok Ping (MDPI, 2014-03-25)
      Credible Granger-causality analysis appears to require post-sample inference, as it is well-known that in-sample fit can be a poor guide to actual forecasting effectiveness. However, post-sample model testing requires an ...
    • Demand for electricity in Virginia 

      Murray, M. P.; Spann, R.; Pulley, L.; Beauvais, E. (MIT Press, 1978)
    • Economic models for TMDL assessment and implementation 

      Bosch, D. J.; Ogg, C.; Osei, E.; Stoecker, A. L. (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, 2006)
      The TMDL assessment and implementation process is designed to achieve designated uses for water bodies, which are set by states based on criteria including perceived costs and benefits. Setting water quality goals based ...
    • Estimating bearing when the source is endfire to an array 

      Hinich, Melvin J. (Acoustical Society of America, 1979-03)
      Consider the problem of estimating the direction of arrival of a plane wave using a linear array of length L with M sensors. Let 0 denote the direction with respect to the array axis. Assume that we know that 0 >0. The ...
    • Estimating signal and noise using a random array 

      Hinich, Melvin J. (Acoustical Society of America, 1982-01)
      This paper presents approximations for the rms error of the maximum likelihood estimator of the direction of a plane wave incident on a random array. The sensor locations are assumed to be realizations of independent, ...
    • Estimating the consumption and investment demands for housing and their effect on housing tenure status 

      Ioannides, Y. M.; Rosenthal, S. S. (MIT Press, 1994-02)
      Theoretical work suggests that families live in owner-occupied housing if their investment demand for housing exceeds their consumption demand for housing. Using household data from the 1983 Survey of Consumer Finances, ...
    • Frequency-wave number array processing 

      Hinich, Melvin J. (Acoustical Society of America, 1981-03)
      Most array signal processing systems use delay-and-sum beamforming to estimate source bearings. This paper demonstrates the close relationship between beamforming and frequency-wavenumber spectrum analysis. The latter ...
    • Frustration and Anger in Games 

      Battigalli, Pierpaolo; Dufwenberg, Martin; Smith, Alec (Virginia Tech, 2015-08-24)
      Frustration, anger, and aggression have important consequences for economic and social behavior, concerning for example monopoly pricing, contracting, bargaining, traffic safety, violence, and politics. Drawing on insights ...
    • Maximum likelihood estimation of the position of a radiating source in a waveguide 

      Hinich, Melvin J. (Acoustical Society of America, 1979-09)
      An array of sensors is receiving radiation from a source of interest. The source and the array are in a one-or two-dimensional waveguide. The maximum-likelihood estimators of the coordinates of the source are analysed under ...
    • On errors in some papers on array processing 

      Hinich, Melvin J. (Acoustical Society of America, 1979-02)
      Some errors in the literature are noted concerning the calculation of the maximum-likelihood estimator.
    • Passive range estimation using subarray parallax 

      Hinich, Melvin J. (Acoustical Society of America, 1979-05)
      Consider a large aperture linear array which is detecting coherent radiation from a source. Suppose that the array is processed as a string of subarrays consisting of adjacent sensors. Assume that the signal is a plane ...
    • Processing spatially aliased arrays 

      Hinich, Melvin J. (Acoustical Society of America, 1978-09)
      A linear array can detect a plane wave signai at a wrong bearing if the signal wavelengths are shorter than twice the distance between the closest adjacent sensors. This penomenon, called spatial aliasing, is most pronounced ...
    • Property tax capitalization in a model with tax-deferred assets, standard deductions, and the taxation of nominal interest 

      de Bartolome, C. A. M.; Rosenthal, S. S. (MIT Press, 1999-02)
      Previous property tax capitalization studies assume that families itemize, that they save in taxable assets, and that real interest income is taxed. However, many families do not itemize, many families invest in tax-deferred ...