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    • Monkeys and Humans Share a Common Computation for Face/Voice Integration 

      Chandrasekaran, Chandramouli; Lemus, Luis; Trubanova, Andrea; Gondan, Matthias; Ghazanfar, Asif A. (PLOS, 2011-09-29)
      Speech production involves the movement of the mouth and other regions of the face resulting in visual motion cues. These visual cues enhance intelligibility and detection of auditory speech. As such, face-to-face speech ...
    • The Natural Statistics of Audiovisual Speech 

      Chandrasekaran, Chandramouli; Trubanova, Andrea; Stillitano, Sébastien; Caplier, Alice; Ghazanfar, Asif A. (PLOS, 2009-07-17)
      Humans, like other animals, are exposed to a continuous stream of signals, which are dynamic, multimodal, extended, and time varying in nature. This complex input space must be transduced and sampled by our sensory systems ...