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    • Threat-induced anxiety during goal pursuit disrupts amygdala-prefrontal cortex connectivity in posttraumatic stress disorder 

      Sun, Delin; Gold, Andrea L.; Swanson, Chelsea A.; Haswell, Courtney C.; Brown, Vanessa M.; Stjepanovic, Daniel; LaBar, Kevin S.; Morey, Rajendra A.; Beckham, Jean C.; Brancu, Mira; Calhoun, Patrick S.; Dedert, Eric; Elbogen, Eric B.; Green, Kimberly T.; Kimbrel, Nathan; Kirby, Angela; McCarthy, Gregory; Moore, Scott D.; Runnals, Jennifer J.; Swinkels, Cindy; Tupler, Larry A.; Van Voorhees, Elizabeth E.; Weiner, Richard D. (2020-02-10)
      To investigate how unpredictable threat during goal pursuit impacts fronto-limbic activity and functional connectivity in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), we compared military veterans with PTSD (n = 25) vs. trauma-exposed ...