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  • A Case Study of an Interdisciplinary Design Course for Pervasive Computing 

    Coupey, Eloise; McNair, Lisa D. (IEEE, 2010)
    This paper provides a case study of an interdisciplinary design project course for pervasive computing products. As a team of faculty from computer engineering, industrial design, and marketing, we have run several ...
  • Years, Months, and Days versus 1, 12, and 365: The Influence of Units versus Numbers 

    Monga, A.; Bagchi, R. (University of Chicago Press, 2012-06)
    Quantitative changes may be conveyed to consumers using small units (e. g., change in delivery time from 7 to 21 days) or large units (1-3 weeks). Numerosity research suggests that changes are magnified by small (vs. large) ...
  • The Presenter's Paradox 

    Weaver, K.; Garcia, S. M.; Schwarz, N. (University of Chicago Press, 2012-10)
    This analysis introduces the Presenter's Paradox. Robust findings in impression formation demonstrate that perceivers' judgments show a weighted averaging pattern, which results in less favorable evaluations when mildly ...
  • $29 for 70 Items or 70 Items for $29? How Presentation Order Affects Package Perceptions 

    Bagchi, R.; Davis, D. F. (University of Chicago Press, 2012-06)
    When consumers consider a package (multi- item) price, which presentation order is more appealing, price first ($29 for 70 items) or item quantity first (70 items for $29)? Will this depend on package size (larger [70 ...
  • Affective Influences on Evaluative Processing 

    Herr, P. M.; Page, C. M.; Pfeiffer, B. E.; Davis, D. F. (University of Chicago Press, 2012-02)
    The past three decades have seen considerable debate about affect's influence on judgment. In three experiments, following manipulations of incidental, integral, and cognitively based affect, positive affect results in ...
  • The Effect of Red Background Color on Willingness-to-Pay: The Moderating Role of Selling Mechanism 

    Bagchi, R.; Cheema, A. (University of Chicago Press, 2013-02)
    The authors investigate the effect of red backgrounds on willingness-to-pay in auctions and negotiations. Data from eBay auctions and the lab show that a red (vs. blue) background elicits higher bid jumps. By contrast, red ...