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    • Exome-Wide Somatic Microsatellite Variation Is Altered in Cells with DNA Repair Deficiencies 

      Vaksman, Zalman; Fonville, Natalie C.; Tae, Hongseok; Garner, Harold R. (PLOS, 2014-11-17)
      Microsatellites (MST), tandem repeats of 1–6 nucleotide motifs, are mutational hot-spots with a bias for insertions and deletions (INDELs) rather than single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). The majority of MST instability ...
    • Experimental testing of a new integrated model of the budding yeast Start transition 

      Adames, N. R.; Schuck, P. L.; Chen, K. C.; Murali, T. M.; Tyson, John J.; Peccoud, J. (Amer Soc Cell Biology, 2015-11-05)
    • Feature selection of gene expression data for Cancer classification using double RBF-kernels 

      Liu, Shenghui; Xu, Chunrui; Zhang, Yusen; Liu, Jiaguo; Yu, Bin; Liu, Xiaoping; Dehmer, Matthias (2018-10-29)
      Abstract Background Using knowledge-based interpretation to analyze omics data can not only obtain essential information regarding various biological processes, but also reflect ...
    • Feedback Between Behavioral Adaptations and Disease Dynamics 

      Chen, Jiangzhuo; Marathe, Achla; Marathe, Madhav (Springer Nature, 2018-08-20)
      We study the feedback processes between individual behavior, disease prevalence, interventions and social networks during an influenza pandemic when a limited stockpile of antivirals is shared between the private and the ...
    • Forecasting Social Unrest Using Activity Cascades 

      Cadena, Jose; Korkmaz, Gizem; Kuhlman, Chris J.; Marathe, Achla; Ramakrishnan, Naren; Vullikanti, Anil (PLOS, 2015-06-19)
      Social unrest is endemic in many societies, and recent news has drawn attention to happenings in Latin America, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Civilian populations mobilize, sometimes spontaneously and sometimes in ...
    • GDSCalc: A Web-Based Application for Evaluating Discrete Graph Dynamical Systems 

      Abdelhamid, SHE; Kuhlman, CJ; Marathe, MV; Mortveit, HS; Ravi, SS (PLOS, 2015-08-11)
      Discrete dynamical systems are used to model various realistic systems in network science, from social unrest in human populations to regulation in biological networks. A common approach is to model the agents of a system ...
    • Gene Expression Profiling of Human Vaginal Cells In Vitro Discriminates Compounds with Pro-Inflammatory and Mucosa-Altering Properties: Novel Biomarkers for Preclinical Testing of HIV Microbicide Candidates 

      Zalenskaya, Irina A.; Joseph, Theresa; Bavarva, Jasmin; Yousefieh, Nazita; Jackson, Suzanne S.; Fashemi, Titilayo; Yamamoto, Hidemi S.; Settlage, Robert; Fichorova, Raina N.; Doncel, Gustavo F. (PLOS, 2015-06-08)
      Background Inflammation and immune activation of the cervicovaginal mucosa are considered factors that increase susceptibility to HIV infection. Therefore, it is essential to screen candidate anti-HIV microbicides for ...
    • Gene Ontology annotation of the rice blast fungus, Magnaporthe oryzae 

      Meng, Shaowu; Brown, Douglas E; Ebbole, Daniel J; Torto-Alalibo, Trudy; Oh, Yeon Y; Deng, Jixin; Mitchell, Thomas K.; Dean, Ralph A (2009-02-19)
      Background Magnaporthe oryzae, the causal agent of blast disease of rice, is the most destructive disease of rice worldwide. The genome of this fungal pathogen has been sequenced and an automated annotation has recently ...
    • Gene regulatory network reveals oxidative stress as the underlying molecular mechanism of type 2 diabetes and hypertension 

      Jesmin; Rashid, Mahbubur SM; Jamil, Hasan; Hontecillas, Raquel; Bassaganya-Riera, Josep (2010-10-13)
      Background The prevalence of diabetes is increasing worldwide. It has been long known that increased rates of inflammatory diseases, such as obesity (OBS), hypertension (HT) and cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are highly ...
    • Genetic Divergence between Freshwater and Marine Morphs of Alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus): A ‘Next-Generation’ Sequencing Analysis 

      Czesny, Sergiusz; Epifanio, John; Michalak, Pawel (PLoS ONE, 2012-03-15)
      Alewife Alosa pseudoharengus, a small clupeid fish native to Atlantic Ocean, has recently (,150 years ago) invaded the North American Great Lakes and despite challenges of freshwater environment its populations exploded ...
    • Genetic resources for advanced biofuel production described with the Gene Ontology 

      Torto-Alalibo, T; Purwantini, E; Lomax, J; Setubal, JC; Mukhopadhyay, B; Tyler, BM (Frontiers Research Foundation, 2014-10-10)
    • Genetic resources for methane production from biomass described with the Gene Ontology 

      Purwantini, E; Torto-Alalibo, T; Lomax, J; Setubal, JC; Tyler, BM; Mukhopadhyay, B (Frontiers Research Foundation, 2014-12-03)
    • GeneTrees: a phylogenomics resource for prokaryotes 

      Tian, Yuying; Dickerman, Allan W. (2007-01)
      The GeneTrees phylogenomics system pursues comparative genomic analyses from the perspective of gene phylogenies for individual genes. The GeneTrees project has the goal of providing detailed evolutionary models for all ...
    • Genistein Induces Pancreatic beta-Cell Proliferation through Activation of Multiple Signaling Pathways and Prevents Insulin-Deficient Diabetes in Mice 

      Fu, Z.; Zhang, W.; Zhen, W.; Lum, H.; Nadler, J.; Bassaganya-Riera, Josep; Jia, Z. Q.; Wang, Y. W.; Misra, H.; Liu, D. M. (Endocrine Society, 2010-07)
      Genistein, a flavonoid in legumes and some herbal medicines, has various biological actions. However, studies on whether genistein has an effect on pancreatic beta-cell function are very limited. In the present study, we ...
    • GenoCAD for iGEM: a grammatical approach to the design of standard-compliant constructs 

      Cai, Yizhi; Wilson, Mandy L.; Peccoud, Jean (2010-05)
      One of the foundations of synthetic biology is the project to develop libraries of standardized genetic parts that could be assembled quickly and cheaply into large systems. The limitations of the initial BioBrick standard ...
    • GenoLIB: a database of biological parts derived from a library of common plasmid features 

      Adames, Neil R.; Wilson, Mandy L.; Fang, Gang; Lux, Matthew W.; Glick, Benjamin S.; Peccoud, Jean (2015-05-26)
      Synthetic biologists rely on databases of biological parts to design genetic devices and systems. The sequences and descriptions of genetic parts are often derived from features of previously described plasmids using ad ...
    • The Genome Reverse Compiler: an explorative annotation tool 

      Warren, Andrew S.; Setubal, João C. (2009-01-27)
      Background As sequencing costs have decreased, whole genome sequencing has become a viable and integral part of biological laboratory research. However, the tools with which genes can be found and functionally characterized ...
    • Genome sequence of Brucella abortus vaccine strain S19 compared to virulent strains yields candidate virulence genes 

      Crasta, Oswald R.; Folkerts, Otto; Fei, Zhangjun; Mane ,Shrinivasrao P.; Evans, Clive; Martino-Catt, Susan; Bricker, Betsy; Yu, GongXin; Du, Lei; Sobral, Bruno W. (Public Library of Science, 2008-05-14)
      The Brucella abortus strain S19, a spontaneously attenuated strain, has been used as a vaccine strain in vaccination of cattle against brucellosis for six decades. Despite many studies, the physiological and molecular ...
    • Genome sequence of the necrotrophic plant pathogen Pythium ultimum reveals original pathogenicity mechanisms and effector repertoire 

      Lévesque, C. A.; Brouwer, Henk; Cano, Liliana; Hamilton, John P.; Holt, Carson; Huitema, Edgar; Raffaele, Sylvain; Robideau, Gregg P.; Thines, Marco; Win, Joe; Zerillo, Marcelo M.; Beakes, Gordon W.; Boore, Jeffrey L.; Busam, Dana; Dumas, Bernard; Ferriera, Steve; Fuerstenberg, Susan I.; Gachon, Claire M.; Gaulin, Elodie; Govers, Francine; Grenville-Briggs, Laura; Horner, Neil; Hostetler, Jessica; Jiang, Rays H.; Johnson, Justin; Krajaejun, Theerapong; Lin, Haining; Meijer, Harold J.; Moore, Barry; Morris, Paul; Phuntmart, Vipaporn; Puiu, Daniela; Shetty, Jyoti; Stajich, Jason E.; Tripathy, Sucheta; Wawra, Stephan; van West, Pieter; Whitty, Brett R.; Coutinho, Pedro M.; Henrissat, Bernard; Martin, Frank; Thomas, Paul D.; Tyler, Brett M; De Vries, Ronald P.; Kamoun, Sophien; Yandell, Mark; Tisserat, Ned; Buell, C. Robin (2010-07-13)
      Background Pythium ultimum is a ubiquitous oomycete plant pathogen responsible for a variety of diseases on a broad range of crop and ornamental species. Results The P. ultimum genome (42.8 Mb) encodes 15,290 genes and ...
    • Genome sequences of wild and domestic bactrian camels 

      Jirimutu; Wang, Zhen; Ding, Guohui; Chen, Gangliang; Sun, Yamin; Sun, Zhihong; Zhang, Heping; Wang, Lei; Hasi, Surong; Zhang, Yan; Li, Jianmei; Shi, Yixiang; Xu, Ze; He, Chuan; Yu, Siriguleng; Li, Shengdi; Zhang, Wenbin; Batmunkh, Mijiddorj; Ts, Batsukh; Narenbatu; Unierhu; Bat-Ireedui, Shirzana; Gao, Hongwei; Baysgalan, Banzragch; Li, Qing; Jia, Zhiling; Turigenbayila; Subudenggerile; Narenmanduhu; Wang, Zhaoxia; Wang, Juan; Pan, Lei; Chen, Yongcan; Ganerdene, Yaichil; Dabxilt; Erdemt; Altansha; Altansukh; Liu, Tuya; Cao, Minhui; Aruuntsever; Bayart; Hosblig; He, Fei; Zha-ti, A.; Zheng, Guangyong; Qiu, Feng; Sun, Zikui; Zhao, Lele; Zhao, Wenjing; Liu, Baohong; Li, Chao; Chen, Yunqin; Tang, Xiaoyan; Guo, Chunyan; Liu, Wei; Ming, Liang; Temuulen; Cui, Aiying; Li, Yi; Gao, Junhui; Li, Jing; Wurentaodi; Niu, Shen; Sun, Tao; Zhai, Zhengxiao; Zhang, Min; Chen, Chen; Baldan, Tunteg; Bayaer, Tuman; Li, Yixue; Meng, He (Springer Nature, 2012-11)
      Bactrian camels serve as an important means of transportation in the cold desert regions of China and Mongolia. Here we present a 2.01 Gb draft genome sequence from both a wild and a domestic bactrian camel. We estimate ...