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    • Least‐squares analysis of x‐ray diffraction line shapes with analytic functions 

      Houska, Charles R.; Smith, Terence M. (American Institute of Physics, 1981)
      This is a second paper of a sequence that provides a useful analytic function which is based upon the Warren‐Averbach line shape analysis. Once the Fourier coefficients are interrelated in terms of a minimum number of ...
    • Simplifications in the x‐ray line‐shape analysis 

      Adler, Thomas; Houska, Charles R. (American Institute of Physics, 1979)
      It is shown that a Fourier series associated with the Warren‐Averbach line‐shape analysis can be fitted with only five parameters to a pair of peaks. These interrelate the Fourier coefficients and thereby provide a simplified ...
    • X‐ray diffraction from d spacing gradients along ion‐implanted zones 

      Rao, Satish I.; Houska, Charles R. (American Institute of Physics, 1991-06-15)
      Three kinematic diffraction models are described for interpreting diffraction profiles from ion-implanted samples. Each deals with relatively large d spacing gradients. The first treats the full zone as coherent which ...