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    • Study of mechanical alloying of Sm and Fe 

      Seifu, Dereje; Oliver, Frederick W.; Hoffman, Eugene J.; Aning, Alex O.; Babu, V. Suresh; Seehra, Mohindar S.; Catchings, Robert M. (American Institute of Physics, 1997-04-15)
      Mechanical alloying of Sm and Fe with the composition of SmFe3 was studied using x-ray-diffraction (XRD), Mossbauer, and magnetization measurements. Data taken as a function of milling time for up to 20 h show significant ...
    • Thermal diffuse scattering in polycrystalline materials with a texture 

      Wu, C. H.; Houska, Charles R.; Rao, Satish I. (American Institute of Physics, 1994-05-01)
      A simplified method of calculating thermal diffuse scattering (TDS) for materials at or above their Debye characteristic temperature is presented. This method is based upon the properties of the lattice Green's function ...
    • Thin films of layered-structure (1-x)SrBi2Ta2O9-xBi(3)Ti(Ta1-yNby)O-9 solid solution for ferroelectric random access memory devices 

      Desu, Seshu B.; Joshi, Pooran C.; Zhang, X.; Ryu, S. O. (AIP Publishing, 1997-08-01)
      We report on the thin films of solid-solution material (1-x)SrBi2Ta2O9-xBi(3)Ti(Ta1-yNby)O-9 fabricated by a modified metalorganic solution deposition technique for ferroelectric random access memory devices. Using the ...