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    • The effect of matrix and substrate on the coercivity and blocking temperature of self-assembled Ni nanoparticles 

      Abiade, Jeremiah T.; Oh, Sang Ho; Kumar, Dhananjay; Varela, Maria; Pennycook, Stephen J.; Guo, Haizhong; Gupta, Arunava; Sankar, Jagannathan (American Institute of Physics, 2008-10-01)
      We have shown that the magnetic properties of nanoparticles may be tuned from superparamagnetic to ferromagnetic by changing the substrate or thin film matrix in which they are embedded. Nickel nanoparticles were embedded ...
    • Grain-boundary structures in polycrystalline metals at the nanoscale 

      Van Swygenhoven, H.; Farkas, Diana; Caro, Alfredo (American Physical Society, 2000-07-01)
      We present a detailed analysis of grain-boundary structures in computer-generated Cu and Ni three-dimensional nanocrystalline samples. The study includes both totally random and textured microstructures with grain sizes ...
    • Self-biased magnetoelectric response in three-phase laminates 

      Yang, Su-Chul; Park, Chee-Sung; Cho, Kyung-Hoon; Priya, Shashank (American Institute of Physics, 2010-11-01)
      This study reports the experimental observation and analysis of self-biased magnetoelectric (ME) effect in three-phase laminates. The 2-2 L-T mode laminates were fabricated by attaching nickel (Ni) plates and ME particulate ...
    • Thermal transport in composites of self-assembled nickel nanoparticles embedded in yttria stabilized zirconia 

      Shukla, Nitin C.; Liao, Hao-Hsiang; Abiade, Jeremiah T.; Murayama, Mitsuhiro; Kumar, Dhananjay; Huxtable, S. T. (AIP Publishing, 2009-04-01)
      We investigate the effect of nickel nanoparticle size on thermal transport in multilayer nanocomposites consisting of alternating layers of nickel nanoparticles and yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) spacer layers that are ...
    • X‐ray diffraction approach to grain boundary and volume diffusion 

      Unnam, Jalaiah; Carpenter, Joseph A.; Houska, Charles R. (American Institute of Physics, 1973)
      A generalized two‐dimensional diffusionmodel has been developed which consists of an array of boundaries coupled to the free surface and to the substrate lattice. The model makes use of three nonlinear partial differential ...