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    • First measurement of the muon antineutrino double-differential charged-current quasielastic cross section 

      Aguilar-Arevalo, A. A.; Brown, B. C.; Bugel, L.; Cheng, G.; Church, E. D.; Conrad, J. M.; Dharmapalan, R.; Djurcic, Z.; Finley, D. A.; Ford, R.; Garcia, F. G.; Garvey, G. T.; Grange, J.; Huelsnitz, W.; Ignarra, C.; Imlay, R.; Johnson, R. A.; Karagiorgi, G.; Katori, T.; Kobilarcik, T.; Louis, W. C.; Mariani, Camillo; Marsh, W.; Mills, G. B.; Mirabal, J.; Moore, C. D.; Mousseau, J.; Nienaber, P.; Osmanov, B.; Pavlovic, Z.; Perevalov, D.; Polly, C. C.; Ray, H.; Roe, B. P.; Russell, A. D.; Shaevitz, M. H.; Spitz, J.; Stancu, I.; Tayloe, R.; Van de Water, R. G.; Wascko, M. O.; White, D. H.; Wickremasinghe, D. A.; Zeller, G. P.; Zimmerman, E. D.; MiniBoo, N. E. Collaboration (American Physical Society, 2013-08-02)
      The largest sample ever recorded of (nu) over bar (mu) charged-current quasielastic (CCQE, (nu) over bar (mu) + p -> mu(+) + n) candidate events is used to produce the minimally model-dependent, flux-integrated double-differential ...