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    • Activation of PAD4 in NET formation. 

      Rohrbach, AS; Slade, DJ; Thompson, PR; Mowen, KA (2012)
      Peptidylarginine deiminases, or PADs, convert arginine residues to the non-ribosomally encoded amino acid citrulline in a variety of protein substrates. PAD4 is expressed in granulocytes and is essential for the formation ...
    • Antimalarial 5,6-Dihydro-alpha-pyrones from Cryptocarya rigidifolia: Related Bicyclic Tetrahydro-alpha-Pyrones Are Artifacts 

      Liu, Yixi; Rakotondraibe, L. Harinantenaina; Brodie, Peggy J.; Wiley, Jessica D.; Cassera, Maria B.; Miller, James S.; Ratovoson, F.; Rakotobe, Etienne; Rasamison, Vincent E.; Kingston, David G. I. (Amer Chemical Soc, 2015-06-01)
    • Antiproliferative Compounds from Cleistanthus boivinianus from the Madagascar Dry Forest 

      Liu, Yixi; Young, Kelly; Rakotondraibe, L. Harinantenaina; Brodie, Peggy J.; Wiley, Jessica D.; Cassera, Maria B.; Callmander, Martin W.; Rakotondrajaona, R; Rakotobe, Etienne; Rasamison, Vincent E.; TenDyke, Karen; Shen, Yongchun; Kingston, David G. I. (Amer Chemical Soc, 2015-07-01)
    • Antiproliferative triterpenoid saponins from Leptaulus citroides Baill. from the Madagascar rain forest 

      Su, Qingxi; Brodie, Peggy J.; Liu, Yixi; Miller, James S.; Andrianjafy, Naina M.; Antsiferana, Rabodo; Rasamison, Vincent E.; Kingston, David G. I. (Springer, 2016)
      Bioassay-guided fractionation of EtOH extracts obtained from the roots and wood of the Madagascan plant Leptaulus citroides Baill. (Cardiopteridaceae) led to the isolation of ethyl esters of three new triterpenoid saponins ...
    • Characterization of the Ornithine Hydroxylation Step in Albachelin Biosynthesis 

      Bufkin, Kendra; Sobrado, Pablo (MDPI, 2017-10-01)
      N-Hydroxylating monooxygenases (NMOs) are involved in siderophore biosynthesis. Siderophores are high affinity iron chelators composed of catechol and hydroxamate functional groups that are synthesized and secreted ...
    • Chemical and Biological Methods to Detect Post-Translational Modifications of Arginine 

      Slade, DJ; Subramanian, V; Fuhrmann, J; Thompson, PR (2014-02)
    • Chemical Proteomic Platform To Identify Citrullinated Proteins 

      Lewallen, DM; Bicker, KL; Subramanian, V; Clancy, KW; Slade, DJ; Martell, J; Dreyton, CJ; Sokolove, J; Weerapana, E; Thompson, PR (2015-11-20)
    • Citrulination unravels stem cells 

      Slade, DJ; Subramanian, V; Thompson, PR (2014-05)
    • Crystal structure of the MACPF domain of human complement protein C8 alpha in complex with the C8 gamma subunit 

      Slade, DJ; Lovelace, LL; Chruszcz, M; Minor, W; Lebioda, L; Sodetz, JM (Academic Press Ltd Elsevier Science Ltd, 2008-05-29)
    • Fluorescence Polarization Binding Assay for Aspergillus fumigatus Virulence Factor UDP-Galactopyranose Mutase 

      Qi, Jun; Oppenheimer, Michelle; Sobrado, Pablo (Hindawi, 2011-08-21)
      Aspergillus fumigatus is an opportunistic human pathogenic fungus responsible for deadly lung infections in immunocompromised individuals. Galactofuranose (Galf) residues are essential components of the cell wall and play ...
    • Genetic Reporter System for Positioning of Proteins at the Bacterial Pole 

      Fixen, KR; Janakiraman, A; Garrity, S; Slade, DJ; Gray, AN; Karahan, N; Hochschild, A; Goldberg, MB (2012)
    • HIV-1 drug discovery: targeting folded RNA structures with branched peptides 

      Wynn, Jessica E.; Santos, Webster L. (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015-04-28)
      Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) is an RNA virus that is prone to high rates of mutation. While the disease is managed with current antiretroviral therapies, drugs with a new mode of action are needed. A strategy ...
    • Inhibiting neurotransmitter reuptake 

      Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.; Mayo Foundation for Medical Edication and Research; Carlier, Paul R.; Richelson, Elliott; Fauq, Abdul H.; Monceaux, Christopher J. (United States Patent and Trademark Office, 2018-04-17)
      This document relates to compounds as well as methods and materials involved in modulating neurotransmitter reuptake. For example, compounds, methods for synthesizing compounds, and methods for inhibiting neurotransmitter ...
    • Inhibition of PAD4 activity is sufficient to disrupt mouse and human NET formation. 

      Lewis, HD; Liddle, J; Coote, JE; Atkinson, SJ; Barker, MD; Bax, BD; Bicker, KL; Bingham, RP; Campbell, M; Chen, YH; Chung, CW; Craggs, PD; Davis, RP; Eberhard, D; Joberty, G; Lind, KE; Locke, K; Maller, C; Martinod, K; Patten, C; Polyakova, O; Rise, CE; Rüdiger, M; Sheppard, RJ; Slade, DJ; Thomas, P; Thorpe, J; Yao, G; Drewes, G; Wagner, DD; Thompson, PR; Prinjha, RK; Wilson, DM (2015-03)
      PAD4 has been strongly implicated in the pathogenesis of autoimmune, cardiovascular and oncological diseases through clinical genetics and gene disruption in mice. New selective PAD4 inhibitors binding a calcium-deficient ...
    • Learning Chemistry from Bacteria 

      Clardy, Jon (2013-12-17)
      Dr. Jon Clardy Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School, Harvard University All animals, including humans, originated and evolved on a planet already teeming with bacteria, and ...
    • Method for the conversion of cephalomannine to taxol and for the preparation of n-acyl analogs of taxol 

      Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Kingston, David G.; Molinero, Anthony A.; Gunatilaka, A. Leslie (United States Patent and Trademark Office, 1995-11-28)
      The natural product cephalomannine can be converted to the important anticancer natural product taxol by a simple process involving the steps of dihydroxylation to give cephalomannine-diols, diol cleavage, benzoylation at ...
    • Nitrogen-Containing Dimeric nor-Multiflorane Triterpene from a Turraea sp. 

      Rasamison, Vincent E.; Rakotondraibe, L. Harinantenaina; Slebodnick, Carla; Brodie, Peggy J.; Ratsimbason, Michael; TenDyke, Karen; Shen, Yongchun; Randrianjanaka, Lucien M.; Kingston, David G. I. (Amer Chemical Soc, 2014-05-16)
      The new triterpene turranoic acid (1) and thenew N-containing nor-triterpene turraenine (2), along with triptocallic acid B (3) and esculentoic acid (4) were isolated from leaves of a Turraea sp. Compounds 1-3 showed weak ...
    • Open Source Drug Discovery with the Malaria Box Compound Collection for Neglected Diseases and Beyond 

      Van Voorhis, Wesley C.; Adams, John H.; Adelfio, Roberto; Ahyong, Vida; Akabas, Myles H.; Alano, Pietro; Alday, Aintzane; Resto, Yesmalie Aleman; Alsibaee, Aishah; Alzualde, Ainhoa; Andrews, Katherine T.; Avery, Simon V.; Avery, Vicky M.; Ayong, Lawrence; Baker, Mark; Baker, Stephen; Ben Mamoun, Choukri; Bhatia, Sangeeta; Bickle, Quentin; Bounaadja, Lotfi; Bowling, Tana; Bosch, Juergen; Boucher, Lauren E.; Boyom, Fabrice F.; Brea, Jose; Brennan, Marian; Burton, Audrey; Caffrey, Conor R.; Camarda, Grazia; Carrasquilla, Manuela; Carter, Dee; Cassera, Maria Belen; Cheng, Ken Chih-Chien; Chindaudomsate, Worathad; Chubb, Anthony; Colon, Beatrice L.; Colon-Lopez, Daisy D.; Corbett, Yolanda; Crowther, Gregory J.; Cowan, Noemi; D'Alessandro, Sarah; Le Dang, Na; Delves, Michael; DeRisi, Joseph L.; Du, Alan Y.; Duffy, Sandra; El-Sayed, Shimaa Abd El-Salam; Ferdig, Michael T.; Robledo, Jose A. Fernandez; Fidock, David A.; Florent, Isabelle; Fokou, Patrick V. T.; Galstian, Ani; Javier Gamo, Francisco; Gokool, Suzanne; Gold, Ben; Golub, Todd; Goldgof, Gregory M.; Guha, Rajarshi; Guiguemde, W. Armand; Gural, Nil; Guy, R. Kiplin; Hansen, Michael A. E.; Hanson, Kirsten K.; Hemphill, Andrew; van Huijsduijnen, Rob Hooft; Horii, Takaaki; Horrocks, Paul; Hughes, Tyler B.; Huston, Christopher; Igarashi, Ikuo; Ingram-Sieber, Katrin; Itoe, Maurice A.; Jadhav, Ajit; Jensen, Amornrat Naranuntarat; Jensen, Laran T.; Jiang, Rays H. Y.; Kaiser, Annette; Keiser, Jennifer; Ketas, Thomas; Kicka, Sebastien; Kim, Sunyoung; Kirk, Kiaran; Kumar, Vidya P.; Kyle, Dennis E.; Jose Lafuente, Maria; Landfear, Scott; Lee, Nathan; Lee, Sukjun; Lehane, Adele M.; Li, Fengwu; Little, David; Liu, Liqiong; Llinas, Manuel; Loza, Maria I.; Lubar, Aristea; Lucantoni, Leonardo; Lucet, Isabelle; Maes, Louis; Mancama, Dalu; Mansour, Nuha R.; March, Sandra; McGowan, Sheena; Vera, Iset Medina; Meister, Stephan; Mercer, Luke; Mestres, Jordi; Mfopa, Alvine N.; Misra, Raj N.; Moon, Seunghyun; Moore, John P.; Rodrigues da Costa, Francielly Morais; Mueller, Joachim; Muriana, Arantza; Hewitt, Stephen Nakazawa; Nare, Bakela; Nathan, Carl; Narraidoo, Nathalie; Nawaratna, Sujeevi; Ojo, Kayode K.; Ortiz, Diana; Panic, Gordana; Papadatos, George; Parapini, Silvia; Patra, Kailash; Ngoc Pham; Prats, Sarah; Plouffe, David M.; Poulsen, Sally-Ann; Pradhan, Anupam; Quevedo, Celia; Quinn, Ronald J.; Rice, Christopher A.; Rizk, Mohamed Abdo; Ruecker, Andrea; St Onge, Robert; Ferreira, Rafaela Salgado; Samra, Jasmeet; Robinett, Natalie G.; Schlecht, Ulrich; Schmitt, Marjorie; Villela, Filipe Silva; Silvestrini, Francesco; Sinden, Robert; Smith, Dennis A.; Soldati, Thierry; Spitzmueller, Andreas; Stamm, Serge Maximilian; Sullivan, David J.; Sullivan, William; Suresh, Sundari; Suzuki, Brian M.; Suzuki, Yo; Swamidass, S. Joshua; Taramelli, Donatella; Tchokouaha, Lauve R. Y.; Theron, Anjo; Thomas, David; Tonissen, Kathryn F.; Townson, Simon; Tripathi, Abhai K.; Trofimov, Valentin; Udenze, Kenneth O.; Ullah, Imran; Vallieres, Cindy; Vigil, Edgar; Vinetz, Joseph M.; Phat Voong Vinh; Hoan Vu; Watanabe, Nao-aki; Weatherby, Kate; White, Pamela M.; Wilks, Andrew F.; Winzeler, Elizabeth A.; Wojcik, Edward; Wree, Melanie; Wu, Wesley; Yokoyama, Naoaki; Zollo, Paul H. A.; Abla, Nada; Blasco, Benjamin; Burrows, Jeremy; Laleu, Benoit; Leroy, Didier; Spangenberg, Thomas; Wells, Timothy; Willis, Paul A. (PLOS, 2016-07-28)
      A major cause of the paucity of new starting points for drug discovery is the lack of interaction between academia and industry. Much of the global resource in biology is present in universities, whereas the focus of ...
    • Peptidylarginine deiminase 2-catalyzed histone H3 arginine 26 citrullination facilitates estrogen receptor alpha target gene activation 

      Zhang, X; Bolt, M; Guertin, MJ; Chen, W; Zhang, S; Cherrington, BD; Slade, DJ; Dreyton, CJ; Subramanian, V; Bicker, KL; Thompson, PR; Mancini, MA; Lis, JT; Coonrod, SA (2012-08-14)