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dc.contributor.authorChheda, Shital Ratilalen_US
dc.description.abstractThe growth of broadband Internet access has paved the way for the development of many new technologies. As the cost of implementing broadband access soars, the best alternative will be to use fixed wireless for these services. This thesis addresses the possibility of 3rd Generation (3G) mobile cellular wireless systems as the basis for fixed broadband wireless service. Two of the 3G technologies aimed at providing fixed broadband wireless access are Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (TD-SCDMA) and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM).

This thesis aims to provide a preliminary study on using TD-SCDMA and OFDM for broadband wireless systems. Currently, there is not enough theory and information to establish the feasibility of using either of these technologies for broadband wireless access. First, the basic features and background on synchronous CDMA and OFDM are presented for the reader to better understand these technologies. Then, an example TD-SCDMA system is described, and some analytical and experimental results are presented. Finally, TD-SCDMAâ s technologies, along with this systemâ s attributes, are compared analytically to that of Vector OFDM (VOFDM).

dc.publisherVirginia Techen_US
dc.rightsI hereby certify that, if appropriate, I have obtained and attached hereto a written permission statement from the owner(s) of each third party copyrighted matter to be included in my thesis, dissertation, or project report, allowing distribution as specified below. I certify that the version I submitted is the same as that approved by my advisory committee. I hereby grant to Virginia Tech or its agents the non-exclusive license to archive and make accessible, under the conditions specified below, my thesis, dissertation, or project report in whole or in part in all forms of media, now or hereafter known. I retain all other ownership rights to the copyright of the thesis, dissertation or project report. I also retain the right to use in future works (such as articles or books) all or part of this thesis, dissertation, or project report.en_US
dc.titleA Comparison Between Synchronous CDMA and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) for Fixed Broadband Wireless Accessen_US
dc.contributor.departmentElectrical and Computer Engineeringen_US
dc.description.degreeMaster of Scienceen_US of Scienceen_US Polytechnic Institute and State Universityen_US and Computer Engineeringen_US
dc.contributor.committeechairBostian, Charles W.en_US
dc.contributor.committeememberJacobs, Iraen_US
dc.contributor.committeememberSweeney, Dennis G.en_US

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