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dc.contributor.authorLowery, James B.en

A survey of farmers was conducted to determine the extent of cost-share and non-costshare BMP implementation and to evaluate the impact of socio-economic variables of the adoption of BMPs in Virginia's Chesapeake Bay drainage basin. Farmers in 67 counties in Virginia were randomly selected using VirGIS land use data and GRASS 4.1. All of the counties included in the study had at least 90 percent of their total land in the Chesapeake Bay drainage basin. Surveys were mailed to approximately 5,850 farm operators and 1,377 responses were returned, with approximately 1,099 estimated to farm in the Chesapeake Bay basin.

A concern for pollution in the Chesapeake Bay was evident by farmers throughout the Bay basin, as 80 percent of the respondents indicated being concerned about water pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. However, only 33 percent believed that their farm contributed to water quality problems. The most often indicated perceived causes of pollution were runoff from urban or paved areas, industrial waste or factory discharge, sewer systems, and litter or garbage.

dc.publisherVirginia Techen
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dc.titleFactors influencing best management practice implementation in Virginia's Chesapeake Bay drainage basinen
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