Recent Submissions

  • Survey for the Newly Discovered Dan Spinymussel in the Dan, Mayo, and South Mayo Rivers, Virginia 

    Melissa Petty; Richard J. Neves (Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research, 2005-05), VTRC 05-CR17
    Three spined, mussel species occur in the United States along the Atlantic slope: James spinymussel (Pleurobema collina), Tar spinymussel (Elliptio steinstansana), and Altamaha spinymussel (E. spinosa). The James spinymussel ...
  • Range-wide Assessment of Habitat Suitability for Roanoke Logperch (Percina rex) 

    Anita M. Lahey; Paul L. Angermeier (Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research, 2007-01), FHWA/VTRC 07-CR8
    The Roanoke logperch (Percina rex) is a federally endangered darter endemic to Virginia. Knowledge of its distribution and habitat requirements is limited. Before this study, it was known to occur in the Smith, Pigg, Roanoke ...