Recent Submissions

  • Evaluation of Methods to Calculate a Wetlands Water Balance 

    W. Lee Daniels; Angela Cummings; Mike Schmidt; Nicole Fomchenko; Gary Speiran; Mike Focazio; G. Michael Fitch (Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research, 2000-08), VTRC 01-CR1
    The development of a workable approach to estimating mitigation site water budgets is a high priority for VDOT and the wetlands research and design community in general as they attempt to create successful mitigation sites. ...
  • Delineation and management of sulfidic materials in Virginia highway corridors 

    Zenah Orndorff; W. Lee Daniels (Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research, 2002-09), VTRC 03-CR3
    Excavation through sulfidic geologic materials during road construction has resulted in acid drainage related problems at numerous discrete locations across Virginia. Barren acidic roadbanks, and acidic runoff and fill ...
  • Effects of Soil Amendments and Other Practices Upon the Success of the Virginia Department of Transportation's Non-Tidal Wetland Mitigation Efforts 

    Daniels, W. Lee; Perry, James E.; Whittecar, Richard G.; Fajardo, Gariela; Bergschneider, Cara; Despres, Aaron (Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research, 2005-06), VTRC 05-CR25
    Construction of created wetlands to mitigate for highway impacts requires more than $100,000 per ha of impacts. A detailed study of soil, hydrology, and vegetation at 10 recently constructed non-tidal mitigation sites ...