Recent Submissions

  • Town of Vinton Housing Market Study 

    Jones O'Brien, Melissa (2022-11-30)
    The Virginia Center for Housing Research (VCHR) conducted a basic, targeted housing market study for the Town of Vinton to evaluate housing affordability and availability for Vinton residents and for employees working in ...
  • State of the Market and Local Policy: Accessory Dwelling Units in the Commonwealth of Virginia 

    Clower, Terry L.; Waters, Keith; Eisel, Valrie; Versel, David; Benson, Brien; Jones, Mel; Choi, Seungbee; Knof, Jonathan; Mai, Eric (Accessory Dwelling Unit Stakeholders Advisory Group, 2021-11)
    The following reports the findings of a data and information gathering exercise to provide the Accessory Dwelling Unit Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) and the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) ...
  • The Regional + Local NRV Housing Study - Detailed Report 

    Virginia Center for Housing Research; Housing Forward Virginia; New River Valley Regional Commission (New River Valley Region, 2021)
    The New River Valley (NRV) is a desirable place to live and work. The region’s population is growing, creating more jobs and amenities, and it offers diverse settings as well as relative affordability and superior amenities ...
  • 2013 Virginia Residential Real Estate Appraiser Remuneration: Survey And Report 

    Sanderford, Andrew R.; Boyle, Kevin J.; McCoy, Andrew P.; Xu, Weibin; Jones, Melissa M. (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2014-10-09)
    This report describes the results from a survey of Virginia real estate appraisers. The survey was conducted by the Virginia Center for Housing Research and the Virginia Tech Program in Real Estate in the spring of 2014 ...
  • Fact Sheet - Twelve Facts From The Virginia LIHTC Study 

    Virginia Center for Housing Research (Housing Virginia, 2015)
    Twelve facts from a new energy study show cost savings to Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) residents in Virginia.
  • The Impact of Energy Efficient Design and Construction on LIHTC Housing in Virginia 

    McCoy, Andrew P. (Housing Virginia, 2015)
    The purpose of this report is to identify and verify possible benefits of the shift in housing policy by the Virginia Housing development Authority (VHDA) to encourage energy efficiency (EE) in the affordable rental stock ...
  • Mobile and Manufactured Homes In Central Appalachia and Alabama: Age, Condition and Need for Replacement 

    Jones, Mel; Koebel, C. Theodore; McCoy, Andrew P.; Shanholtz, Spencer A.; Moeller, Julia (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2016-09)
    This study provides a comprehensive snapshot of mobile and manufactured housing in Central Appalachia and Alabama and identifies the most pressing needs of residents in the region. Local housing partners plan to build on ...
  • Virginia Beach Housing Needs Assessment, Market Analysis, and Re-Investment Study 

    Jones, Mel; McCoy, Andrew P.; Koebel, C. Theodore; Shanholtz, Spencer A.; Berryman, Alex; Buki, Charles; Beck-Pooley, Karen (Virginia Center for Housing Research; czb, LLC, 2016)
    After decades of growth, the City of Virginia Beach is not as desirable to the wider market as it has been historically, and the housing market faces serious challenges, due in part to two major demographic and economic ...
  • A Basic Housing Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis for the Rappahannock–Rapidan Region 

    Jones, Mel; Brown-Coles, Olivia (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2018-05)
    A large part of the demand for housing in the RRRC region comes from workers earning in more-expensive housing markets. Fauquier County in particular may offer attractive living costs for households with at least one worker ...
  • Housing Needs and Trends in Central Appalachia and Appalachian Alabama 

    Jones, Mel; Spencer, Samuel (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2018)
    Appalachia is a region with significant contrasts. The evolution of the economic landscape over the last century has led each county in the region to face and adapt to unique circumstances. Although each county is unique, ...
  • Addressing the Impact of Housing for Virginia’s Economy 

    Virginia Coalition of Housing and Economic Development Researchers (Governor’s Housing Conference, 2017-11)
    In October 2014, Governor McAuliffe issued Executive Order (EO) 32, “Advancing Virginia’s Housing Policy,” to “identify and implement actions to enable quality, affordable housing, which will strengthen families and ...
  • Evaluation of the HUD Elder Cottage Housing Opportunity (ECHO) Program 

    Koebel, C. Theodore; Beamish, Julia O.; Danielsen-Lang, Karen A.; Steeves, Jeannette (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2003-10)
    This evaluation reports on the HUD demonstration program that provides a housing option for keeping elderly close to family or friends.. The evaluation included a review of background including zoning and land-use issues, ...
  • Homeownership Affordability in Virginia 

    Koebel, C. Theodore; Paulson, Joanna M. (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2004-06)
    This 2004 report estimates the affordability of homeownership across Virginia based on the average sales price of homes sold through the local Board of Realtors and the median family income estimated by the Virginia Center ...
  • Characteristics of Innovative Production Home Builders 

    Koebel, C. Theodore; Cavell, Marilyn S. (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2006-06)
    The purpose of this study was to advance the understanding of building technology innovation among production builders in particular and conceptually for the homebuilding industry at large.
  • The Diffusion of Innovation in the Residential Building Industry 

    Koebel, C. Theodore; Papadakis, Maria; Hudson, Ed; Cavell, Marilyn S. (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2003-10)
    This assessment reports on a survey mailed to a national sample of residential homebuilders to assess how they receive and process housing technology information. The successful diffusion of innovations in the residential ...
  • Homebuyer Market Analysis for the Virginia Beach Metropolitan Area 

    Koebel, C. Theodore; Singh, Pavit P. (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2005-01)
    This analysis projects first-time owner demand from 2000-2010 in targeted income ranges and analyzes the supply of affordable housing for first-time buyers in the Virginia Beach metropolitan area.
  • A Review of the Worst Case Housing Needs Measure 

    Koebel, C. Theodore; Renneckar, Patricia L. (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2003-07)
    This report is commissioned by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and examines the concept of "housing need" and the worst-case housing needs measure and makes recommendations for improving the measure and ...
  • Analyzing Neighborhood Retail and Service Change in Six Cities 

    Koebel, C. Theodore (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2014-06-09)
    Based on data from six U.S. cities, this report examines the relationships between changes in neighborhood retail and service establishments and independent variables measuring: demand from within the neighborhood; presence ...
  • Virginia Beach Housing Needs, Assessment and Market Analysis 2000-2020 

    Koebel, C. Theodore; Abdelfattah, Ragaei; Cavell, Marilyn S.; Crum, Amy E.; Paulson, Joanna M. (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2005-04)
    This analysis provides a comprehensive assessment of affordable housing including a review of available demographic and housing data, an evaluation of past trends, and projections of housing demand through 2020.
  • A Profile of Virginia's Nonprofit Housing Organization, 1994 

    Unknown author (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2014-06-09)
    Nonprofit housing organizations (NHOs) have become increasingly important in the delivery of housing and related services to populations ill-served by or left out of the private, for profit housing market. This report ...

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