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    • Affordable Housing Demand in Henrico County, Chesterfield County and City of Richmond 

      Koebel, Theodore C.; Byrd, Kevin R. (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2004-01)
      This report assesses the demand for affordable housing in Henrico County, Chesterfield County, and the City of Richmond. The report This report shows the housing demand has continued to grow steadily in Henrico and ...
    • The Diffusion of Innovation in the Residential Building Industry 

      Koebel, C. Theodore; Papadakis, Maria; Hudson, Ed; Cavell, Marilyn (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2003-10)
      This assessment reports on a survey mailed to a national sample of residential homebuilders to assess how they receive and process housing technology information. The successful diffusion of innovations in the residential ...
    • Homebuyer Market Analysis for the Virginia Beach Metropolitan Area 

      Koebel, Theodore C.; Singh, Pavit (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2005-01)
      This analysis projects first-time owner demand from 2000-2010 in targeted income ranges and analyzes the supply of affordable housing for first-time buyers in the Virginia Beach metropolitan area.
    • Housing Needs and Market Analysis, Thomas Jefferson PDC 

      Cavell, Marilyn; Koebel, Ted; Dawkins, Casey; Renneckar Patricia (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2006-10)
      The need for affordable housing in the Thomas Jefferson PDC is a consistent theme throughout this report. The strong sales market in this area is driven by higher income households and previous homeowners taking advantage ...