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    • Technology, Science, Mathematics Integration 

      LaPorte, James E. (Council on Technology Teacher Education, 1995)
      "The idea of integrating technology, science, and mathematics curricula makes sense from a variety of perspectives. There is growing support from all three school disciplines involved. Moreover, the nature of learning promoted ...
    • Annual Report for 1995/1996 

      VT University Libraries; Digital Library and Archives (Digital Library and Archives at Virginia Tech's University Libraries, 1996)
    • Health Wealth: Kids, Nutrients, and Health 

      Hertzler, Ann A.; DeBord, Karen (Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University, 1996)
    • Calcium Checklist - Food Guide Pyramid 

      Hertzler, Ann A. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University, 1998)
    • The Role of Electronic Theses and Dissertations in Graduate Education 

      Eaton, John L.; McMillan, Gail; Fox, Edward A. (Council of Graduate Schools, 1998-01)
      In Spring and Summer of 1997 … news outlets, in their desire to report on controversy, largely missed the point of why it is desirable to produce theses and dissertations, and indeed many other publications, in electronic ...
    • Nourishing Children with Books 

      Hertzler, Ann A. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University, 1999)
    • Open Archives Initiative 

      McMillan, Gail (2000-06-01)
      This presentation, which was given at the annual meeting of the Society of Scholarly Publishing on June 1, 2000, describes the Open Archives Initiative (OAI), a protocol for exchanging content between digital repositories. ...
    • Results of a Survey of Virginia Tech Graduates Whose Digital Theses and Dissertations Are Accessible Worldwide. 

      Eaton, John L.; Fox, Edward A.; McMillan, Gail (Council of Graduate Schools, 2000-11)
      Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University's graduate students have submitted theses and dissertations as digital documents since the spring of 1997. In that time more than 2,800 digital documents have been submitted ...
    • Herbs and Spices 

      Hertzler, Ann A. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University, 2001)
    • Process Accounting 

      Gilbertson, Keith (Linux Journal, 2002-12-01)
      Standard utilities can help you collect and interpret your Linux system's process accounting data. Describes the uses of process accounting, standard process accounting commands, and example code that makes use of process ...
    • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching Technology Education 

      Sanders, Mark E. (Council on Technology Teacher Education, 2003)
      "The purpose of this chapter is to discuss the instructional strategy of the interdisciplinary approach to teaching. The development of education has resulted in a separation of subjects in the school setting. Technology ...
    • Between the Scylla of hidebound conservatism and the Charybdis of mindless speculation 

      Bauer, Henry H. (Inter-Research, 2004)
      The ‘quality’ of a scientific publication is not an absolute but must be assessed in relation to a journal’s mission. It should be judged primarily by its disciplined intellectual rigor, bearing in mind what course the ...
    • The Last Western Flyer: The Western Auto Century 

      Marchman, James (2004)
      A treasure trove of pictures and history, The Last Western Flyer chronicles one of the most successful small town franchise operations in 20th Century America, Western Auto. It grew from humble beginnings as a penny mailer ...
    • The Future of MARC: R.I.P. or Let her Rip? 

      Finn, Mary (Virginia Libraries, 2004-01)
      The 39th Annual Potomac Technical Processing Librarians Meeting—"The Future of MARC: R.I.P. or Let Her Rip?"—took place in Washington D.C. on October 31, 2003, with speakers Roy Tennant and Rebecca Guenther. Tennant ...
    • Mycoplasmal conjunctivitis and the behavior of wild house finches (Carpodacus mexicanus) at bird feeders 

      Hotchkiss, ER; Davis, AK; Cherry, JJ; Altizer, S (2005)
      Parasite infections can influence host foraging behavior, movement, or social interactions. House finches (Carpodacus mexicanus) in the US are susceptible to a recently emerged strain of the bacteria, Mycoplasma gallisepticum. ...
    • ETD-MARC/Perl Module Design 

      Liao, Yan (Clara); Finn, Mary (Virginia Library Association Meeting 2005, 2005-10-20)
    • Archivist's Annual Report 2005 

      McMillan, Gail; Shaffer, Amy (International Archive of Women in Architecture, 2005-10-30)
    • International Students vs. American Graduate Students: a user study at Virginia Tech 2005 

      Liao, Clara; Finn, Mary; Jun, Lu (Association of Research Libraries, 2006-09)
      This user study is based on empirical data collected from an online survey conducted between April 7 and May 28, 2005 at Virginia Tech. The goal of this comparative study is to investigate how graduate students from diverse ...
    • Collaborative Services of Libraries and Other Campus Units 

      Meyer, Richard; Walters, Tyler (Coalition for Networked Information (CNI), 2006-12)
    • IAWA Archivist's Report for 2006/07 

      McMillan, Gail; Vilelle, Amy Shaffer (International Archive of Women in Architecture, 2007)