The Hampton Roads Agricultural Research and Extension Center, formerly known as the Virginia Truck Experiment Station (1907-1967), Virginia Truck and Ornamentals Research Station (1967-1987), and Hampton Roads Agricultural Experiment Station (1987-1992), has conducted research and extension programs that provided answers to the agricultural community of the eastern Virginia region.

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  • Phytophthora aquimorbida sp nov and Phytophthora taxon 'aquatilis' recovered from irrigation reservoirs and a stream in Virginia, USA 

    Hong, Chuanxue; Richardson, Patricia A.; Hao, Wei; Ghimire, Sita R.; Kong, Ping; Moorman, Gary W.; Lea-Cox, John D.; Ross, David S. (Mycological Society of America, 2012-04)
    Two distinct subgroups (L2 and A(-2)) were recovered from irrigation reservoirs and a stream in Virginia, USA. After molecular, morphological and physiological examinations, the L2 subgroup was named Phytophthora aquimorbida ...
  • Water quality data in recycling irrigation reservoirs 

    Zhang, Haibo; Richardson, Patricia; Belayneh, Bruk; Ristvey, Andrew; Lea-Cox, John; Hong, Chuanxue (2014-10-14)
    These datasets contain water quality data measured at different depths and different locations within each recycling irrigation reservoir studied. These water quality parameters include temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO), ...