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    • Web Archiving 

      Lee, Spencer; Kanan, Tarek; Jiao, Jian (2009-10-09)
      This module covers the ideas, approaches, problems and needs of web archiving to build a static and long term collection consisting of web pages.
    • Web Publishing 

      Karia, Pratik (2009-09-08)
      This module covers the general principles of web publishing and the various paradigms that can be used for storing and retrieving content within digital libraries. This module introduces various techniques to publish ...
    • Weka 

      Peddi, Bhanu; Xiong, Huijun; ElSherbiny, Noha (2010-12-10)
      This module stresses the methods of text classification used in information retrieval. We focus on the usage of Weka, a data mining toolkit, in data processing with three classification algorithms: Naive Bayes [1], k Nearest ...
    • WordNet 

      Fouh, Eric; Poirel, Christopher (2010-10-25)
      This module covers the use of a thesaurus in several information retrieval (IR) techniques: index construction (e.g., tokenization, stemming, and lemmatization), robustness to query typographical errors (e.g., the use of ...