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    • New Cloud Modules Fingerprint Module 

      Saraiya, Saptak (2011-05-04)
      The NIST Biometric Image Software (NBIS) distribution is developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The ...
    • OAI/ODL Component Composition Exercise 

      Suleman, Hussein (2002-09-01)
      This exercise is a hands-on introduction to building digital libraries from components. It is a good introduction for individuals with modest Unix skills, and it reviews the process of using DLbox to create a working digital ...
    • Online Information Seeking Behaviors & Search Strategies 

      Oh, Sanghee (2008-02-08)
      This module covers the theories, models, and practices related to online information seeking behaviors in different settings of digital libraries.
    • Overview of LucidWorks Big Data Software 

      Chitturi, Kiran (2012-09-16)
      This module introduces the basic concepts and the overview of LucidWorks Big Data software that is specifically designed for searching, discovery, and analysis of massive content sets.
    • Personalization 

      Robinson, Ashley; Rosson, Chester; Pochu, Pramodh; Guo, Sheng (2009-10-09)
      This module addresses Personalization standards that may be appropriate in the context of a digital library, along with its approaches, effects, limitations, and challenges.
    • Preservation 

      Fox, Edward A.; Kanan, Tarek (2009-12-13)
      This module covers the general ideas, strategies and challenges for the long-term preservation of digital information.
    • Protocols 

      Singh, Ajeet; Chen, Yinlin; Santhanam, Srinivasa; Zhu, Weihua (2009-10-09)
      This module addresses the concepts, development and implementation of digital library protocols and covers the roles of protocols in information retrieval systems (IR) and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).
    • Pure Data Module 

      Scott, Conor (2011-05-06)
      This is the manual for the Pure Data (Pd) Module. Within this directory you will find the source for Pd and pd-l2ork (source and precompiled binary), several Pd tutorials and the patches that accompany them, as well as ...
    • R 

      Fouh, Eric; Poirel, Christopher (2010-11-25)
      This module covers use of the R language for performing the statistical analysis needed for several information retrieval (IR) techniques. The R language is extremely extensive and a powerful tool. R will not be covered ...
    • Recommender Systems 

      Palani, Ashwin; Fox, Edward A.; Yang, Seungwon; Ganesan, Venkatasubramaniam (2009-12-09)
      This module addresses the concepts underlying Recommender Systems, along with the different design approaches, recommenders in current use and challenges.
    • Reference Services 

      Pomerantz, Jeffrey P. (2009-10-07)
      This module presents an overview of human-mediated assistance for information seeking and question answering, and addresses issues in integrating these types of services into DLs.
    • Relevance Feedback and Query Expansion 

      Wu, Sichao; Zhang, Yao (2012-10-17)
      This module introduces the methods to improve the recall of information retrieval systems, mainly focuses on relevance feedback and query expansion.
    • Routing 

      Ganesan, Venkatasubramaniam; Fox, Edward A. (2009-12-09)
      This module presents an overview of models and practices of Routing, leading to better search result quality in Digital Libraries.
    • SEDNA XML Database 

      Vijay, Sony; El Meligy Abdelhamid, Sherif; Malayattil, Sarosh (2010-12-09)
      The module introduces the use of SEDNA XML database for XML retrieval. The primary focus of the module is to describe the architecture of SEDNA database and how standard XML queries can be used to retrieve data from it.
    • Text Classification Using Mahout 

      Alam, Maksudul; Arifuzzaman, S. M.; Bhuiyan, Md Hasanuzzaman (2012-11-06)
      This module focuses on classification of text using Apache Mahout. After successful completion of this module, students will be able to explain and apply methods of classification, correctly classify a set of documents ...
    • Text Clustering Using LucidWorks and Apache Mahout 

      Chen, Liangzhe; Lin, Xiao; Wood, Andrew (2012-11-17)
      This module introduces algorithms and evaluation metrics for flat clustering. We focus on the usage of LucidWorks big data analysis software and Apache Mahout, an open source machine learning library in clustering of ...
    • Web Archiving 

      Lee, Spencer; Kanan, Tarek; Jiao, Jian (2009-10-09)
      This module covers the ideas, approaches, problems and needs of web archiving to build a static and long term collection consisting of web pages.
    • Web Publishing 

      Karia, Pratik (2009-09-08)
      This module covers the general principles of web publishing and the various paradigms that can be used for storing and retrieving content within digital libraries. This module introduces various techniques to publish ...
    • Weka 

      Peddi, Bhanu; Xiong, Huijun; ElSherbiny, Noha (2010-12-10)
      This module stresses the methods of text classification used in information retrieval. We focus on the usage of Weka, a data mining toolkit, in data processing with three classification algorithms: Naive Bayes [1], k Nearest ...
    • WordNet 

      Fouh, Eric; Poirel, Christopher (2010-10-25)
      This module covers the use of a thesaurus in several information retrieval (IR) techniques: index construction (e.g., tokenization, stemming, and lemmatization), robustness to query typographical errors (e.g., the use of ...