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    • OAI and ODL: Building Digital Libraries from Components 

      Richardson, Ryan (2003-09-18)
      This presentation describes the Open Archives Initiative (OAI), OAI-PMH, and the Open Digital Library (ODL).
    • OAI and ODL: Building Digital Libraries from Components 

      Suleman, Hussein (2002-09-12)
      This presentation instructs users how to build digital libraries from components, which is the fundamental concept behind DLbox. It was written for graduate computer science classes at Virginia Tech and fits into a 50-minute ...
    • Open Archives Initiative 

      Suleman, Hussein (2002-06-14)
      This presentation describes the Open Archives Initiative, the protocol for metadata harvesting (OAI-PMH), OAI and ODL open source software, installation of XML software, installation of harvesters, IRDBs, and IRDB user interfaces.
    • Open Archives Work at Virginia Tech 

      Suleman, Hussein (2000-06-01)
      This presentation describes the Open Archives Initiative, projects such as the Computer Science Teaching Center and the National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD), the MARIAN catalog, and the organizational ...
    • Open Archives: Communities, Interoperability, and Services 

      Association for Computing Machinery. Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval (2001-09-13)
      Proceedings of the SIGIR 2001 OAI Workshop. This workshop includes discussions about metadata harvesting and OAI protocol features, requests, and responses.
    • Open Archiving @ Virginia Tech 

      Suleman, Hussein (2001-01-23)
      This presentation discusses why Virginia Tech is involved in the Open Archives Initiative (OAI), as well as OAI compliance, OAI technical requirements, and more.
    • Opening Remarks and Historical Overview 

      Fox, Edward A. (2001-09-13)
      This presentation introduces the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) and discusses the OAI philosophy, repository perspective, and the future of open archiving.
    • Opening Remarks and Historical Overview Part B 

      Fox, Edward A. (2001-09-13)
      This presentation introduces the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) and discusses OAI tools such as the RE Automatic Test Suite, RE Browsing, and ARC.
    • Preliminary Results from Field Testing of DL Curriculum Modules 

      Wildemuth, Barbara M.; Fox, Edward A. (2008)
      This slideshow describes the development and evaluation process for digital library curriculum modules, as well as an overview of field testing methods and results.
    • Real-time Archiving of Spontaneous Events (Use-Case: Hurricane Sandy) 

      Chitturi, Kiran (2012-12-03)
      This presentation describes the goals and purpose of the Crisis, Tragedy and Recovery network (CTRnet) and how CTRnet's efforts can be applied to real-life disasters such as Hurricane Sandy.
    • Twitter Use During an Emergency Event: The Case of UT Austin Shooting 

      Li, Lin T.; Yang, Seungwon; Kavanaugh, Andrea L.; Fox, Edward A.; Sheetz, Steven D.; Shoemaker, Donald J. (2011-06-01)
      This poster presents one of our efforts developed in the context of Crisis, Tragedy, and Recovery Network (CTRnet) project. One of our derived works from this project is the use of social media by government to respond to ...
    • Using the Repository Explorer to Archive OAI Protocol Compliance 

      Suleman, Hussein (2001-06-24)
      The Open Archives Initiative (OAI) is dedicated to solving problems of digital library interoperability by defining simple protocols, most recently the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting [2], which ...
    • The Variety of Ways in Which Instructors Implement a Modular Digital Library Curriculum 

      Wildemuth, Barbara M.; Pomerantz, Jeffrey P.; Oh, Sanghee; Yang, Seungwon; Fox, Edward A. (2009-05-14)
      This poster illustrates how information professionals can implement a modular digital library curriculum. It discusses instructors' perspectives on digital library syllabi, assignments, readings, and overall course content. ...
    • What is a Successful Digital Library? 

      Shen, Rao; Vemuri, Naga Srinivas; Fan, Weiguo; Fox, Edward A. (2006-09-18)
      We synthesize diverse research in the area of digital library (DL) quality models, information systems (IS) success and adoption models, and information-seeking behavior models, to present a more integrated view of the ...
    • Why Students Use Social Networking Sites After Crisis Situations 

      Sheetz, Steven D.; Fox, Edward A.; Fitzgerald, Andrew; Palmer, Sean; Shoemaker, Donald J.; Kavanaugh, Andrea L. (2011)
      Communities respond to tragedy by making virtuous use of social networking sites for a variety of purposes. We asked students to describe why they used a social networking site after the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech, ...
    • The World According to MARIAN: How the Document Universe is Represented and Searched in the MARIAN/ Academy Digital Library Search System 

      France, Robert K. (1999-09-27)
      This presentation focuses on MARIAN (Multiple Access Retrieval of library Information with ANotations), an online library catalog information system. MARIAN is intended for library end-users rather than catalogers, provides ...