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    • Application of Magnetorheological Dampers For vehicle Seat Suspensions 

      Reichert, Brian Anthony Jr. (Virginia Tech, 1997-12-03)
      This study evaluates and provides solutions to the problem of poor subjective feel of seat suspensions that employ magnetorheological (MR) dampers and skyhook control. An Isringhausen seat suspension that had been modified ...
    • Deploying an ITS Warning System for No-Passing Zones on Two-Lane Rural Roads 

      El Zarif, Jamal A. (Virginia Tech, 2001-06-28)
      A new safety application, as part of ITS Advanced Rural Transportation System (ARTS), has been developed to be deployed on a two-lane rural road (Route 114), in Southwest Virginia. The route segment under study is subject ...
    • On-line Traffic Signalization using Robust Feedback Control 

      Yu, Tungsheng (Virginia Tech, 1997-12-18)
      The traffic signal affects the life of virtually everyone every day. The effectiveness of signal systems can reduce the incidence
      of delays, stops, fuel consumption, emission of pollutants, and accidents. The problems ...