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    • Biomass production of herbaceous energy crops in the United States: field trial results and yield potential maps from the multiyear regional feedstock partnership 

      Lee, Do Kyoung; Aberle, Ezra; Anderson, Eric K.; Anderson, William; Baldwin, Brian S.; Baltensperger, David; Barrett, Michael; Blumenthal, Jurg; Bonos, Stacy; Bouton, Joe; Bransby, David I.; Brummer, Charlie; Burks, Pane S.; Chen, Chengci; Daly, Christopher; Egenolf, Josh; Farris, Rodney L.; Fike, John H.; Gaussoin, Roch; Gill, John R.; Gravois, Kenneth; Halbleib, Michael D.; Hale, Anna; Hanna, Wayne; Harmoney, Keith; Heaton, Emily A.; Heiniger, Ron W.; Hoffman, Lindsey; Hong, Chang O.; Kakani, Gopal; Kallenbach, Robert; Macoon, Bisoondat; Medley, James C.; Missaoui, Ali; Mitchell, Robert; Moore, Ken J.; Morrison, Jesse I.; Odvody, Gary N.; Richwine, Jonathan D.; Ogoshi, Richard; Parrish, Jimmy Ray; Quinn, Lauren; Richard, Ed; Rooney, William L.; Rushing, J. Brett; Schnell, Ronnie; Sousek, Matt; Staggenborg, Scott A.; Tew, Thomas; Uehara, Goro; Viands, Donald R.; Voigt, Thomas; Williams, David; Williams, Linda; Wilson, Lloyd Ted; Wycislo, Andrew; Yang, Yubin; Owens, Vance (2018-10)
      Current knowledge of yield potential and best agronomic management practices for perennial bioenergy grasses is primarily derived from small-scale and short-term studies, yet these studies inform policy at the national ...