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    • Improved reference genome of the arboviral vector Aedes albopictus 

      Palatini, Umberto; Masri, Reem A.; Cosme, Luciano V.; Koren, Sergey; Thibaud-Nissen, Françoise; Biedler, James K.; Krsticevic, Flavia; Johnston, J. S.; Halbach, Rebecca; Crawford, Jacob E.; Antoshechkin, Igor; Failloux, Anna-Bella; Pischedda, Elisa; Marconcini, Michele; Ghurye, Jay; Rhie, Arang; Sharma, Atashi; Karagodin, Dmitry A.; Jenrette, Jeremy; Gamez, Stephanie; Miesen, Pascal; Masterson, Patrick; Caccone, Adalgisa; Sharakhova, Maria V.; Tu, Zhijian; Papathanos, Philippos A.; Van Rij, Ronald P.; Akbari, Omar S.; Powell, Jeffrey R.; Phillippy, Adam M.; Bonizzoni, Mariangela (2020-08-26)
      Abstract Background The Asian tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus is globally expanding and has become the main vector for human arboviruses in Europe. With limited antiviral ...