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      Genner, Buzz (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1987)
      When a child, certain skies sharpened my vision: all their characters were reflected in my face. The Phenomena were roused. —At present, the eternal inflection of moments and the infinity of mathematics drives me through ...
    • X control charts in the presence of correlation 

      Baik, Jai Wook (Virginia Tech, 1991-03-05)
      In traditional quality control charts, fixed sampling interval (FSI) schemes are used where the time between samples has fixed intervals. More efficient methods called variable sampling interval (VSI) schemes have been ...
    • X-ray diffraction from point-like imperfection 

      He, Baoping (Virginia Tech, 1992-01-15)
      Displacement fields from point-like defects are investigated by x-ray diffraction. The atomic volume changes in the interstitial compounds using crystallographic information has been found to correlate with the size of ...
    • An x-ray diffraction method for studying small diffusion zones 

      Braski, David N. (Virginia Tech, 1965-05-03)
      An X-ray diffraction method has been developed which was able to describe the diffusion zone produced by annealing nickel plated copper specimens at 750 degrees and 850 degrees. The experimental X-ray diffraction data ...
    • X-ray diffraction study of aged copper beryllium alloys 

      Wu, Chang-Hong (Virginia Tech, 1993)
      X-ray polycrystalline diffraction techniques are used to determined the defect structure in a commercial Cu-l1.55 at. %Be-O.23 at. %Co alloy during low temperature aging. The analysis of the X-ray diffraction patterns ...
    • An X-ray study of the behavior of titanium films on silicon substrates 

      Dietrich, Frank E. (Virginia Tech, 1977-06-15)
      see document
    • X-ray study of the stacking fault density near the hardness maximum of the Au-Ag-Pd system 

      Pauley, Cecil Lloyd (Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1967)
      The annealed hardness of certain dental alloys has been measured and found to be in relatively good agreement with the existing hardness map. In addition, lattice parameters, stacking fault densities, and spacing change ...
    • The Xcel Sleeve: Fall Prevention Through Digital Strength Training 

      Kauffman, Joseph Ulrich IV (Virginia Tech, 2009-05-04)
      In America, a person has a 1 in 3 chance of falling each year once they reach the age of 65. When someone falls, they risk bodily injury. There are products available to help people when they fall, but they are only effective ...
    • Xeditor: Inferring and Applying XML Consistency Rules 

      Wen, Chengyuan (Virginia Tech, 2019-12)
      XML files are frequently used by developers when building Web applications or Java EE applications. However, maintaining XML files is challenging and time-consuming because the correct usage of XML entities is always ...
    • Xenogeneic transplantation of immortalized bovine mammary epithelial cells 

      Ellis, Steven E. (Virginia Tech, 1994-12-05)

      The focus of this research was to investigate the use of an immortalized bovine mammary epithelial cell line as a starting material for xenogeneic transplantation into the mammary glands of immunocompetent recipients. ...

    • Xenogenous Intrafallopian Transfer of Horse (Equus caballus) Gametes 

      Wirtu, Gemechu G. (Virginia Tech, 1999-07-29)
      This study was undertaken to evaluate fertilization and early embryo development of in vitro matured (IVM) horse oocytes following transfer with homologous sperm to the oviduct of estrous ewes. A total of 1023 follicles ...
    • XFM: An Incremental Methodology for Developing Formal Models 

      Suhaib, Syed Mohammed (Virginia Tech, 2004-05-07)
      We present a methodology of an agile formal method named eXtreme Formal Modeling (XFM) recently developed by us, based on Extreme Programming concepts to construct abstract models from a natural language specification of ...
    • Xiao Winery 

      Yang, Xiaowan (Virginia Tech, 2015-09-28)
      I focused my thesis on making an architecture of translucency and transparency that creates a veil between the interior and exterior environment. It has a presence while remaining permeable. I feel that the form of the ...
    • Xix, A Memorial and Study on the Proximity and Proportion of the Circle and the Square 

      Kennedy, Victoria Rachel (Virginia Tech, 2012-05-01)
      Programmatically, the aim of the thesis is to create a new place to commemorate the lives lost in the Guatemalan Civil War in the town of Xix (pronounced â sheeshâ ), Guatemala. Currently, Xixâ s boarding school is the ...
    • XML-Driven Real-time Interactive Virtual Environment (XDRIVE) Engine 

      Corbett, Thomas Wingett (Virginia Tech, 2006-06-30)
      The XDRIVE engine is a runtime solution for the coordination and display of web-based multimedia presentations that feature three-dimensional content. This 3D content is rendered in real-time, which facilitates user-defined ...
    • XPS and Carbon-13 NMR spectroscopic analysis of composite rocket propellants 

      Kauffman, Elroy Wayne (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1983)
      In this study the applicability of Carbon-13 NMR and XPS to the detection of chemical changes in a solid composite rocket propellant was studied. Storage at elevated temperatures was used to simulate the propellant ageing ...
    • Xylitol Production From D-Xylose by Facultative Anaerobic Bacteria 

      Rangaswamy, Sendil (Virginia Tech, 2003-01-27)
      Seventeen species of facultative anaerobic bacteria belonging to three genera (Serratia, Cellulomonas, and Corynebacterium) were screened for the production of xylitol; a sugar alcohol used as a sweetener in the pharmaceutical ...
    • A yacht club for Bay Ridge, Maryland 

      Kohler, Karl Eugene (Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1957)
    • Yes, And... The Improvising Landscape of the Displaced 

      Javaherigilani, Eliana (Virginia Tech, 2016-02-08)
      Immigration has continuously been an evident part of the human history. Throughout time, for one reason or another people have left the place they call home. Whether voluntarily seeking better opportunities in other ...