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    • Sustainable Water through Innovation in Membranes & Materials (SWIMM) 

      Martin, Stephen; Baird, Donald; Achenie, Luke; Deshmukh, Sanket A.; Foster, Johan; He, Jason; Vikesland, Peter J.; Edwards, Marc A.; Deitrich, Andrea; Dillard, David; Lesko, Jack; Moore, Robert; Long, Tim; Riffle, Judy S.; Morris, Amanda; Cheng, Shengfeng; Edgar, Kevin J.; Moeltner, Klaus; Xia, Kang; Stewart, Ryan; Badgley, Brian; Hedrick, Valisa E.; Gohlke, Julia; Duncan, Susan (Virginia Tech, 2017-05-15)
      Water scarcity is mainly caused by overwhelming human consumption and contamination, from production of water-thirsty meats and vegetables, biofuel crop production, industrial uses, and rapid urbanization.2 The scale of ...