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    • 13th Annual VT Authors Recognition Event: 2017 Publications 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech University Libraries, 2018-03-21)
      This booklet for the 2018 VT Authors recognition event lists authors of books published in 2017, as well as authors of articles published through the University Libraries' Open Access Subvention Fund.
    • 14th Annual VT Authors Recognition Event: 2018 Publications 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech University Libraries, 2019-03-21)
      This booklet contains a program schedule for the 2019 VT Authors recognition event, along with a list of Virginia Tech 2018 publications, organized alphabetically by department.
    • $150,000 Available to Publish Open Access Articles: VT’s OPEN ACCESS SUBVENTION FUND 

      McMillan, Gail (Virginia Tech, 2017-12-05)
      Course Description If you're writing an article for a scholarly journal, Virginia Tech Libraries will support the Article Publishing Charge (APC) of up to $1500 for publication in an open access (OA) journal. The fund ...
    • 17 Interviews with Virginia Tech CALS Faculty: State of Research and How Information Professionals Can Help 

      Haugen, Inga (2016-12-07)
      In the early months of 2016, Ithaka S+R, a not-for-profit service that helps the academic community navigate economic and technological change, asked various land grant universities to be a part of a national project ...
    • 2006 Blacksburg, Virginia, Roads and Buildings 

      Brooks, Edwin L. (2011-08-11)
      Representation of two data sets that depicts an image of Blacksburg, VA., in 2006.
    • 2013 NDLTD Survey of ETD Practices 

      McMillan, Gail; Stark, Shannon; Halbert, Martin (2013)
      Our intention with this survey was to overcome the lack of baseline data about ETDs. Surprisingly, while ETDs have been available for over 15 years, no one has systematically collected general data about ETDs or the graduate ...
    • 2014 OA Week Panel 

      Rivers, Caitlin; Matheis, Christian; Lazar, Iuliana M.; Sutherland, Michelle; Tideman, Thorwald N.; Wynne, Randolph H. (2014-10-31)
    • 2015 Open Access Week Keynote Address: Victoria Stodden 

      Stodden, Victoria (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2015-11-03)
      Victoria Stodden gave the keynote address for Open Access Week 2015. "Scholarly communication in the era of big data and big computation" was sponsored by the University Libraries, Computational Modeling and Data Analytics, ...
    • 2018 R & I Annual Report 

      Griffin, Julie; Hilal, Amr E.; Brown, Anne M.; Petters, Jonathan L.; Porter, Nathaniel D.; McMillan, Gail; Cross, Carrie; Pannabecker, Virginia; Smith, Erin M. (Virginia Tech, 2018)
      This is the 2018 annual report for the Research & Informatics division at University Libraries.
    • 2019 Open Education Symposium Poster Session 

      Terry, Christine H.; Kinniburgh, Garnett; Browder, Robert; DeCarlo, Matthew; Becksford, Lisa; McNabb, Kayla B.; Lachniet, Jason; Hipple, Britton; Maczka, Darren; Donnelly, Sarah; Ireland, Leanna; Erickson, Sue (2019-03-04)
      Faculty, instructional designers, graduate students, and librarians from six institutions of higher education will briefly present an overview of peer-reviewed posters on diverse topics including: Creating open educational ...
    • $215,000 Available to Publish Journal Articles: VT’s Open Access Subvention Fund 

      McMillan, Gail (Virginia Tech, 2021-10)
      Course Description Learn from the Open Access Subvention Fund (OASF) manager how to get the library to pay the article processing charges (APCs) when your article is accepted by an OA journal that requires these fees. ...
    • 25 Years of German Unity 

      German Embassy; Khanke, Corinna; Bauer, Esther; Fralin, Scott (Virginia Tech, 2015-10-13)
      Poster exhibition highlighting the history and process of German Unification in celebration of 25 years of German Unity. 2015/10/13 - 2015/10/30
    • 29 Days of Black Feminism 

      Fralin, Scott; Turner, Valencia; Jensen-Wachspress, Arianna; Lin, Billy; Holloway, Kendall; Choate, Rebecca; Eldridge, Kyle; Zelaya, Daniella; Iasu, Saron; Barth, Tobias; Singh, Sapna (Virginia Tech, 2016-02-01)
      Poster exhibition highlighting the achievements of Black Feminists and raising awareness of the impact the Black Feminist movement has had over the course of Black history. 2016/02/01 - 2016/02/29
    • A 3D Data Preservation Model in Cross-Disciplinary Use 

      Kinnaman, Alex (2020-11-12)
      This poster presents the results of a multi-case study on 3D datasets at Virginia Tech University Libraries and an invitation to participate in a survey on 3D and virtual reality preservation methods. These results will ...
    • 3D Data Repository Features, Best Practices, and Implications for Preservation Models: Findings from a National Forum 

      Hardesty, Juliet; Johnson, Jennifer; Wittenberg, Jamie; Hall, Nathan; Cook, Matt; Lischer-Katz, Zack; Xie, Zhiwu; McDonald, Robert H. (2020-07)
      This study identifies challenges and directions for 3D/VR repository standards and practices. As 3D technologies become more affordable and accessible, academic libraries need to implement workflows, standards, and practices ...
    • 4/16 Exhibit 2018 

      Fralin, Scott; Kennelly, Tamara (Virginia Tech, 2018-04-10)
      This exhibit honors those lost in the April 16 tragedy and recognizes the support of the community. It features photos taken by members of the community in the weeks following April 16, 2007. Out of hundreds of submissions, ...
    • $40,000 Still Available to Publish Your Open Access Article! 

      McMillan, Gail (Virginia Tech Libraries, 2017-03-03)
      NLI Course (March1, 2017) Description If you're writing an article for a scholarly peer-reviewed journal, Virginia Tech Libraries will support the Article Publishing Charge of up to $1500 for an open access journal. ...
    • 50-kHz-rate 2D imaging of temperature and H2O concentration at the exhaust plane of a J85 engine using hyperspectral tomography 

      Ma, Lin; Li, Xuesong; Sanders, Scott T.; Caswell, Andrew W.; Roy, Sukesh; Plemmons, David H.; Gord, James R. (Optical Society of America, 2013-01-01)
      This paper describes a novel laser diagnostic and its demonstration in a practical aero-propulsion engine (General Electric J85). The diagnostic technique, named hyperspectral tomography (HT), enables simultaneous 2-dimensional ...
    • 7 Tips for Hosting Virtual OTN Workshops 

      Walz, Anita R.; Hofer, Amy; Trunnell, Christina (Open Textbook Network, 2020-05-12)