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    • A good bed helps prevent mastitis 

      Ellmore, Matthew Franklin, 1916- (V.P.I. Agricultural Extension Service, 1961-02)
      Discusses how good bedding conditions are important for prevention of mastitis in dairy cows.
    • Dairy Heifer Health, Disease Control, and Vaccinations 

      Bailey, Thomas Lee, 1951-; Murphy, Julia Mary; James, Robert E. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
      The future of the dairy herd is dependent on the production of superior heifers to replace culled lactating animals. It is imperative that the health status of the replacement animal is optimized.
    • Mastitis and machine maintenance 

      Nageotte, G. J. (V.P.I. Agricultural Extension Service, 1961-06)
      A poem discussing how proper maintenance of milking equipment can prevent mastitis in dairy cows.
    • The role of milking equipment in mastitis 

      Jones, G. M. (Gerald Murray), 1941- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 1999)
      Milking machines may adversely affect udder health by damaging or changing the teat skin, teat canal, or mucosal tissue. Milking systems tests should be conducted on a regular basis.